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Skulltaker Halo: CE: Pinata

Halo CE: Find and claim the Pinata skull in remastered mode.

Skulltaker Halo: CE: Pinata0
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26 Jan 2015
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Level: Two Betrayals - For collectibles here we have Terminal 8 (8:13) and the Pinata skull (08:40). From the very start of the level turn around and head to the back of the platform for the terminal. For the Pinata skull, near the end when you're headed toward the final waypoint in a Banshee, hang a right just before the ledge to the waypoint door and fly over to where the upper Wraith spawned in the other version of this level (think back to the Wraith Hunter achievement). The Pinata skull is sitting up here on the ledge.
XEN610Thanks for thw brief written description, so I don't have to watch the video.
Posted by XEN610 on 06 Apr 19 at 19:29