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Before the Fire

Halo 3: Activate Terminal 3 on The Ark.

Before the Fire0
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15 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
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Mission: The Ark - Terminal 3 & Cowbell Skull: At the spot where you fight the Scarab, look for a small structure in the field. Head in here and get a gravity lift equipment. Now head inside the large building, and you’ll come to a small room with a ramp leading down to your left. Drop down and head through the door underneath this ramp to find the terminal. Shortly after this, you'll reach a room with a large glowing pipe in the center, and when you exit it you'll be on a long ramp leading down. The skull is in an alcove way up by the ceiling at the bottom of this ramp. Use the gravity lift near the bottom of the ramp to launch up to the top-most alcove and get the skull. These two start at 04:04 in the collectibles video.