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Dirge of Madrigal

Halo 3: Trigger the hidden music cue in Halo 3.

Dirge of Madrigal0
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15 Nov 2014 26 Jan 2015
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Mission: The Covenant - Dirge of Magrigal Egg: You can find this egg rather easily. Near the very end of the level, when you’re approaching the large tripod-like structure after the fight with the scarabs (shortly after finishing Phantom Hunter above), you can fly up onto a thin grey ledge midway up on the left side. Land your Hornet here and follow the ledge around to the left as it slopes upwards higher up the structure. At the very top of this ledge, where you can’t go any higher on foot, you’ll hear the Madrigal score kick in and the achievement should unlock. A visual showcase for those that prefer: