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Halo CE: Finish The Silent Cartographer without shooting, grenades, melee, dying or restarting.

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31 Jan 2015
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a note to the other guides, i can confirm that you are allowed to die! as soon as you die press start und select : save and exit. back in the menu select continoue. i did this 4-5 times in my run and it still counted!!!! i got it a few minutes ago.

also works with the library achievement!

but you MUST save and quit BEFORE you respawn!!!
DemianBest advice :)
Posted by Demian on 19 May 16 at 19:05
APB PlaysThis is so clutch. Thanks!
Posted by APB Plays on 17 Jul 16 at 19:18
iViluxThank you very much! Thought I should try this, but great that I found a confirmation!
Posted by iVilux on 06 Aug 16 at 08:53
BlackRain228Worked great at end thanks!
Posted by BlackRain228 on 26 Feb 17 at 03:11
TeamBonesCOSaved me from running this a fifth time, thanks!
Posted by TeamBonesCO on 28 May 19 at 05:50