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Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII
L'Cie Paragon

Earned a 5-star rating for all Cie'th Stone missions.

L'Cie Paragon0
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10 May 2010 17 Sep 2012
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This is strictly about mission 64. I breezed through every mission except this one. I probably spent 3 hours JUST to get 4 stars. I went back got the Master's Seal achievement. Once that was complete, I read a guide on each character and their abilities.

This fight boils down to two things. 1.Characters 2.Equipment.

1.Characters: This is really important. The whole game I played with Fang (L), Lightning and Hope. After reading math and abilities, etc, i decided that Lightning (L), Fang, Vanille was the best setup for this fight. Why?

You want to buff FAST when he [Impenetrable Aura]
*It is rather odd that only Vanille and Fang get the -ra variants of the buffs, despite neither of them having Synergist as a primary role. Vanille would actually make for a very good Synergist if only she had Haste, but seeing as how everyone else does, she makes for an excellent choice as a secondary Synergist. If you want to use a Paradigm with at least two of these, you'll be able to buff your party very rapidly.

*Obviously, Vanille and Fang are better because they have Dispel, while Lightning and Snow don't. Vanille also has poison. If you look at my Paradigm setup, you'll see that I have Vanille primarly as a debuffer. Right when he comes out of [Impenetrable Aura] switch to #2. Stay on #2 until Poison is cast then switch right to #3.

*You want Light as a healer during [Impenetrable Aura] so you can use Cura, Cura, Cura to TOP OFF YOUR HP. The AI is stupid and will not do this. Use this down time to be in a good position to burn him down.

There is a lot more detailed information about each character in the link below. Go to 3c Party Setup.

1. Med/Syn/Syn
2. Rav/Sab/Sab <- Start
3. Rav/Rav/Sab
4. Rav/Rav/Med
5. Com/Com/Med
6. Sen/Sen/Sen


Start in 2. Once poison is up, switch to 5... he'll go to [Impenetrable Aura] soon.

Once in [Impenetrable Aura], go to 1. Use Cura, Cura, Cura to TOP OFF YOU HP. Stay in this shift until he comes out of [Impenetrable Aura] and go right into 2. Once poison is on, go to 3. If you need to heal, go to 4. Once he is staggered, go to 5. Pretty easy!

It becomes tricky when he uses [Wicked Whirl]. As soon as you see it, go to 6. Once that is over, go to either 4 or 5 and repeat!

2.Equipment is VERY important. The less time you're healing means you can be debuffing/attacking.
Omega Weapon (Lionheart)
Champion's Belt*
Magus's Brace*
Imperial Armlet*
Gold Watch

Kain's Lance (Taming Pole)
Royal Armlet*
Royal Armlet*
Witch's Brace*
General's Belt*

Nirvana (Belladonna Wand)
Royal Armlet*
Royal Armlet*
Witch's Brace*
General's Belt*
Ryuukishi634I was able to 5-star this with a relatively low-level party (three primary roles maxed, not much else) by using Vanille, Fang, and Snow and just spamming Poison. SAB/SEN/SEN when he's attacking, MED/SEN/SEN after Poison sticks, SEN/SEN/SEN whenever he readies Wicked Whirl, and cure/buff when he goes into Impenetrable Aura. No special equipment, no Gold Watch, and I never directly attacked him except for Poison.

Personally I think trying to brings RAVs and COMs into the mix just becomes a distraction. Focus on defense and let Poison do the work.
Posted by Ryuukishi634 on 20 May 10 at 14:39
MantraPoloYup, you're exactly right. I think you were able to 5-star it by poison and surviving because you were low level with low stats... meaning the mission points 'bar' was easier to reach.

By the time I attempted this mission I had all roles nearly maxed with ultimate weapons. So, the 5-star was much harder to achieve... I couldn't simply wait for poison to kill him.

What was your target time and kill time? That is another really important consideration. Thanks for adding this, I'll possibly revise my solution based on your party's target time.
Posted by MantraPolo on 20 May 10 at 14:44
Ryuukishi634I see. Sorry, I don't remember my time... I want to say it was around 11 minutes, something like that.
Posted by Ryuukishi634 on 20 May 10 at 14:47
ALollzI agree with Ryuukishi634. Poison and tanking is a pretty surefire way to 5 star this battle. If you have everyone's ultimate weapon well then just equip some tier 1 weapon and you should see the target time go up significantly. Equipping the gold watch and removing all strength of magic boosting accessories will also help you there.

The first time I attempted this without the gold watch and just poison and tanking my target was like 18:45 and I 4 starred it with a time of like 13:13.

I equipped the gold watch, upgraded all of my damage reduction and had a target time of 21 minutes which I easily 5 starred with an 10:45 time with poison and tanking.This was also with tier 2 weapons. I'm sure if I equipped some level 1 tier 1 weapon my target time would have been even easier.
Posted by ALollz on 20 Jul 10 at 17:21
ZerotypeXThanks for the people that mentioned poison. Just made sure I had poison on him and just healed. Got 5 stars my first time (after dying 3 times by just trying to pummel him away, would get close but around 40% health, he does a ton of damage). I finished it with a time of 11:17 with max characters and lvl 1 weapons.
Posted by ZerotypeX on 24 Aug 10 at 16:40
Stokie Stallioncool ive have a max party and max weapons, just need go do all the missions and 5 star them.
Going try this poison method. I'll equipt weak weapons and play it safe, with gold watch it should be very easy
Posted by Stokie Stallion on 12 Dec 10 at 05:45
xs Silence sxI am trying to do it this way but 75% of the time he goes back into impenetrable aura before I can even land a poison. Am I doing something wrong here?
Posted by xs Silence sx on 28 May 11 at 16:18
Can I use these three party members above for all mission including Mission 64?
Posted on 06 Aug 11 at 03:09
Solario32Yes, you should be able to.
Posted by Solario32 on 19 Sep 11 at 13:58
DemonDuffehi did everything the same but swopped shift 2 so that lightning was a synagist so i cud poison it quicker

Also, i you have a summon in geist mode it will not go in its shield so will take alot of poison damage if already poisoned so i took a few elixars and wen it was 25-40% i used the summon and in the geist mode got it down to low health used an elixar did it again and it died from poison and got 5 stars. Was stuck in an endless healing loop attempt before i tryed this. Hope this helps great guide thank you.
Posted by DemonDuffeh on 16 Sep 12 at 23:01
DeceivedHornet5I had to do a few things different, but tweaking a bit your strategy to my group I ended up beating him in 7:33 with a maxed party (with mediocre accessories).

What I changed was:
1. Used Vanille instead of Lightning as main, so that I could manually poison him before anything else. In the first paradigm setting, Vanille was the Medic because healing manually during Aura is much more efficient.
2. Changed Rav/Rav/Med to Rav/Rav/Rav and Com/Com/Med to Com/Com/Com. This was necessary to stagger him more quickly and deal more damage once that happened
3. Fang wore Genji Glove and Kaiser Knuckles, which allowed her to hit close to 200k once staggered.
4. I did not use shrouds, but healed casting Renew twice during the fight.
Posted by DeceivedHornet5 on 16 Sep 12 at 23:42
Lockerdown3@giga, you should be able to, just find them on their floors where you found them the first time.
The ground floor of the tower is misleading, ignore the statues there
And dammit, 4 starred this guy after dieing on other attempts, at least I have the gold watch for next time
Posted by Lockerdown3 on 01 Feb 13 at 06:32
mini ak47i followed this to the letter and got the lovely pop sound aswell thanks for a great guide :)
Posted by mini ak47 on 27 Feb 13 at 01:47
MantraPoloNo problem! :)
Posted by MantraPolo on 15 Mar 13 at 17:54
Esphyrian 01I tried the set-up mentioned in the guide, but it when that didn't pan out I went the poison route using Lightning, Fang and Vanille. Only needed 4 Paradigms: 1-SAB/SEN/SAB, 2-MED/SYN/SYN, 3-SEN/SEN/SEN, 4-SYN/MED/MED.

Started w/ 1, spammed poison, when barrier was up used 2 to buff -- rinse and repeat. When he cast Wicket Whirl immediately shifted to 3, then either 2 or 4, then quickly back to 1 before the barrier. Was able to 5-star this w/o Omega Weapons or the Gold Watch.
Posted by Esphyrian 01 on 24 Nov 13 at 13:23
Pizimp2983This is a good guide but scroll down. Traveller nicks guide is far easier. Good guides all tho:) thanx for the help.
Posted by Pizimp2983 on 10 Oct 14 at 05:17