Puzzle Chronicles Review by phatal1ty

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10 May 2010 10 May 2010
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You play as the protagonist, a slave who is bought at auction and freed. Your on some kind of revenge rampage and search for the baddie who captured your tribe... the game is based on a match and drop tetris/Puyo pop/Dr Mario style mechanic

Graphics, Sound and Camera/Control:
Being that this is a 2D puzzle game theres not a whole lot of "wow" to it... the story part is drawn in a cartoony style which is cute and the rest is your standard arcade look
The sound gets very repetitive and annoying quite quickly but as with most arcades unless your die hard in to the story you can do without the sound.

The world is broken down in to sections each containing a handful of battles some will be repayable, about half will no longer be selectable after the story has progressed.
Its not a terribly challenging game but you're welcome to up the difficulty (adjustable throughout the game)
There are four kind of stages the major two differences are Battle stages is version of Vs. against AI and the rest are different variations of rotate, match and drop ranging from a 3x1 block, 3x3 block to a line spanning the width of the board.
There are also customizable armor and weapons which you can upgrade by "forging" two of the same together.

Replay Value:
The campaign itself is not terribly long or hard, but to 200/200 this game will be quite a grind... you are offered an "award" scheme within the game and 80% of those will be pretty straight forward and collected without to much side stepping but the last portion which is to forge each and every weapon and armor piece and upgrade your character to 75 on all skill sets will have you grinding an extra 20ish hours.

As mentioned above the first 150 will be easily collected the last 50 is just a grind.... i will now caution completionist to either walk away or set aside a big chunk of time with some pretty darn repetitive game play.... While not unachievable by any means this is a rather simplistic game after all... but to put it in perspective i would rather play "World of Goo" twice over (which is about the same amount of time you will need for this)
You will also need to find a second xbox or a friend or someone to boost you though the online games as there aren't a whole lot of people sitting around waiting to play.

This is not as enjoyable a grind as "Puzzle Quest" but it is a little more multifaceted with slightly varied gameplay and some online. Not a hard concept to grasp nor any real tips to advance in technique.
At 800 MSP your getting quite a long (abit repetitive) game if your looking to 200/200 but if your just looking for the GS it doesn't work in your favor.