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Tick-Tock Doc

Earn 75,000 points in a single Timed game.

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05 Jan 2009
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There isn't much difference to strategy in a Timed game over a Marathon game, just that you have less time to ponder your moves. Keep trying for star flowers, and wherever possible clear them in groups of four or more for big points (25,000+).

Remember to get rid of those bombs and keep making moves and combos. If time runs out, that's it... game over. So it's better to sacrifice a chance at a Star Flower in order to keep the game going. Don't worry, you'll get more chances.

The Achievement will unlock as soon as you pass the 75,000 point mark.
StoodBridgeThe bombs make me crazy at this game :p
Posted by StoodBridge on 30 May 09 at 20:55
ADaughenThe 4x Star Flower combos made this go quickly. Thanks!
Posted by ADaughen on 17 Dec 09 at 22:26
SecondHeartbeatDid this on my first proper attempt, almost got caught out by a bomb at one point but the star combos seemed to bag me the achievement extremely fast.
Posted by SecondHeartbeat on 12 Jan 10 at 23:24
AV8OR ACEThis is extremely hard for me for some reason. I've only managed to make 2 starflowers in a single attempt....the time constraints seem way to stringent. Maybe I just need more practice?
Posted by AV8OR ACE on 25 Sep 12 at 15:55
good solution!!!
Posted on 05 Oct 13 at 16:32
Falcon SVNAny better tips? I keep running out of time at 3500 points and can manage around 5 starflowers while knocking out as many blocks as possible.
Posted by Falcon SVN on 04 Jan 16 at 06:05
dirtysock47Try to make starflowers as early as possible. When you make a starflower, 10 seconds is added to the timer, which makes it easier to negotiate moves.
Posted by dirtysock47 on 07 Nov 16 at 16:26