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Putting all their cards on the table

Start 5 Riots and 10 Murders.

10 Feb 2015 until 17 Feb 2015

Putting all their cards on the table
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10 Feb 2015 12 Feb 2015
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If you happen to already have captains and/or warchiefs branded, this will be much easier to accomplish, but this strategy is for when you need to start from scratch.

I started with the murders portion. Start a Test of Wisdom and you should be able to find the captain Lorm pretty close by. I abused him in several other challenges, so we go way back. He's afraid of fire, so shoot an arrow at the campfire he's standing near to burn him and you can quickly brand, dominate, and command him. All you have to do is have him *start* a murder at the Sauron's Army screen; you don't even have to have him complete it. Then not too far from him, you should be able to find the captain Lugdash. Blow up the campfire he's standing around and it should kill all his compadres. A few arrows to the head should bring him down to green and then you can do the same thing you did with Lorm. Quit out and repeat 5 times and Bob’s your uncle. (Note, sometimes the above two captains are not there and sometimes the campfire isn’t there either, but this should work most of the time).

Now for the riots. With Lorm and Lugdash in your command, choose a warchief to go after, as only warchiefs can start riots. I picked the fifth warchief, so the one all the way on the right of the Sauron’s Army screen. The idea is you want to turn one or both of your branded captains into the warchief’s bodyguards and then kill the warchief so that one of them can take his place as the new warchief. You’ll have to go through an easy initiation quest to have each of them become a bodyguard, and once that’s done you can command your captain(s) to betray the warchief. If you’ve picked a warchief with an easy weakness, this shouldn’t be too difficult, but be aware you’ll have to help your captain out by killing all the warchief’s friends and possibly the warchief himself. Once the warchief is dead, your branded captain will be promoted to warchief. Now you can dominate your new branded warchief and command him to start a riot against a random captain. You'll get credit for that one, so now have one of your branded bodyguards murder that same captain, which cancels the riot and you can rinse and repeat. After you've started 5 of them, the achievement should pop. (Edited that last part thanks to BTrammell21).

If you see any glaring holes or ways to improve this, please let me know and I’ll be happy to edit with credit. I just want to help people get this challenge done in as little time as possible. As far as I can tell, it’s the last challenge they’re releasing after 19 grueling weeks. No more, please.
BTrammell21If you have a branded warchief with a branded bodyguard (or 2), all you need to do is summon your warchief and command him to start a riot against a random captain. Next, have the bodyguard(s) murder the same captain. This cancels the active riot/murder on this target, allowing you to walk back over to the summon spot and start the whole process again. So, you don't have to worry about completing a riot/murder to command him again. Makes it a breeze.
Posted by BTrammell21 on 11 Feb 15 at 01:45
HalidocGotta give props to BTrammell21, I had 1 branded warchief with 4 branded bodyguards, took me about 10 minutes using that method. Not knocking the solution but if you have a branded warchief with at least 2 branded bodyguards it seems it will go way quicker.
Posted by Halidoc on 12 Feb 15 at 18:01
mcnichoj"No more, please."
lol, they added more.
Posted by mcnichoj on 12 Feb 15 at 22:59