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Putting all their cards on the table

Start 5 Riots and 10 Murders.

10 Feb 2015 until 17 Feb 2015

Putting all their cards on the table
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Slim Pizza BoySlim Pizza Boy577,165
12 Feb 2015
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Ok this is for ppl who have branded almost everyone. You need just one captain who is not branded.

This is BTrammell21 words!! not mine

If you have a branded warchief with a branded bodyguard (or 2), all you need to do is summon your warchief and command him to start a riot against a random captain. Next, have the bodyguard(s) murder the same captain. This cancels the active riot/murder on this target, allowing you to walk back over to the summon spot and start the whole process again. So, you don't have to worry about completing a riot/murder to command him again. Makes it a breeze.