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Tenno of all Trades

Score a kill with your equipped primary, secondary and melee weapons in 5 seconds or less.

Tenno of all Trades-0.1
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13 Feb 2015 13 Feb 2015 10 Sep 2015
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It has been confirmed that the order is important. You must score kills with primary, secondary, then melee. No mix and match!

I got this solo on Mercury, Terminus Sector, Exterminate Grineer. My loadout was mostly starting equipment: the Braton, MK-1 Kunai, and MK1-Bo. The later you do this with better weapons or mods, the easier it'll be. The key is doing it with enemies tightly grouped together, you don't want to run to another solitary enemy to hit with the Kunai or Bo. Alarms will definitely help keep them together instead of running away for cover, so don't be in a particular hurry to shut them off.

If this isn't working out, an infested invasion along with quicker weapons would do the trick. The infested constantly rush you, so there's no need to chase down enemies. Swords and daggers are your best bet for melee, with dual pistols like the Afuris or strong kunai for secondary.
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Slayermoon you must score kills with your equipped melee. This means you cannot do a quick melee while holding another weapon!

Its not true, you can make a quick melee attack.
First a primary kill than a secondary kill and a quick melee attack.
Posted by Slayermoon on 09 Mar 15 at 12:48
Frizbog Agreed. I did a quick melee and got it. The real trick is that the order is important. I did it SO many times with melee first and didn't get the achievement. Then I did it in order: primary, secondary, and melee and got it right away. The fact that order is important cannot be stressed enough.
Posted by Frizbog on 10 Sep 15 at 21:31
Geoffistopheles Thanks, made the adjustments. I didn't realize the order was mandatory.
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 10 Sep 15 at 22:52
Frizbog Hey, no problem. I wouldn't guarantee that order matters since I didn't have a stopwatch on all my failed attempts smile but it sure seemed like I did it pretty quickly many times and never got it. And then when I tried it in order, it popped right away. I suppose I could try with a dummy account if I get a chance...
Posted by Frizbog on 11 Sep 15 at 15:17