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The Escapist!

Successfully escape from all six prisons.

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Alright, I've got out of 4/6 prisons so far and I did it by beating down everyone's ass. Once you incapacitate enough guards the front door becomes open and you can walk right out. Most of the time.

So short to say, WIP

Crafting Tips first. Rather than repeat everything in every prison.
Best weapons
Timber+Wire+Timber with 70 INT is how to craft Nunchucks, 5/5 for attack.
Timber+Wire+Razor Blade with 80 INT crafts Whip, 5/5 for attack.
Razor Blade+Duct Tape with 60 INT crafts Knuckle Duster, 4/5 for attack.

If you want good attack but no crafting then the Crowbar and the Baton are good with 3/5 attack but can only be bought/found.

Best Armor
Inmate Outfit+Duct Tape+Sheet of Metal with 80 INT is how to craft Plated Inmate Outfit, defense +3.

When the Guard Outfit is required do it at the last second when trying to get out because it only has defense +1.
If you have a hard time finding an outfit then you can craft one.
Inmate Outfit+Bleach with 50 INT to craft Infirmary Overalls
Infirmary Overalls+Ink with 50 INT to craft Guard Outfit

Digging/Escape supplies.
Most of the tools start with a [d]Tool Handle and grow from there to become either Flimsy Pickaxe or Flimsy Shovel
File+Timber with 30 INT is how to craft a Tool Handle

For Digging
You can start with Plastic Spoon but 1 block dug away uses 5 spoons, 2 uses for each one, grab it in the canteen.
Tool Handle+Duct Tape+Sheet of Metal with 40 INT is how to craft Flimsy Shovel each use underground uses 15%, so use it 6 times to put it at 10% remaining and then upgrade.
Flimsy Shovel+Duct Tape+Sheet of Metal with 60 INT is how to craft Lightweight Shovel, each use knocks it down 10%, so use it 9 times to kick it to 10% before upgrading.
Lightweight Shovel+Roll of Duct Tape+Sheet of Metal with 80 INT is how to craft Sturdy Shovel, 20 uses before breaking. Unable to fix so use it as much as you can.
Eventually you will run into a problem where it says you have to brace before you can continue digging, 3 blocks away from the previous one.
Timber+Timber with 20 INT is how to craft Timber Brace, place them where necessary with cn_X.

For Chipping
You can start with Plastic Fork but 1 block chipped away uses 5 forks, 2 uses for each one, grab it in the canteen.
Tool Handle+Duct Tape+Crowbar with 40 INT is how to craft Flimsy Pickaxe
Flimsy Pickaxe+Duct Tape+Sheet of Metal with 60 INT is how to craft Lightweight Pickaxe, unknown uses but get it as low as you can before upgrading.
Lightweight Pickaxe+Roll of Duct Tape+Sheet of Metal with 80 INT is how to craft Sturdy Pickaxe, 20 uses before breaking. Unable to fix so use it as much as you can.

For Cutting
You can start with Plastic Knife but 1 fence chipped away uses 5 knives, 2 uses for each one, grab it in the canteen.
File+File+Duct Tape with 40 INT is how to craft Flimsy Cutters
Flimsy Cutters+Duct Tape+File with 60 INT is how to craft Lightweight Cutters, unknown uses but get it as low as you can before upgrading.
Lightweight Cutters+Roll of Duct Tape+File with 80 INT is how to craft Sturdy Cutters, 33 uses before breaking. No upgrade for this one.

Misc Goods
These are the most basic tools that you'll be using throughout the game so group them all in here.
Friends! Give inmates goods and stuff and they'll like you.
Basic found goods that they like are useful contraband (not things like dirt or dead rats) or general goods like Watch, Die, Cards, Chocolate, Mints and a LOT more. Read here for all those goods nice and boxed for reference.
They also like weapons quite a bit. Easy to craft and find weapons are the toothbrush and comb shivs.
Toothbrush+cn_X on the wall with no INT is how to craft Toothbrush Shank, 1/5 for attack.
Comb+cn_X on the wall with no INT is how to craft Comb Shank, 1/5 for attack.
Once you have them to 90+ Opinion they'll follow you and attack a target you command. Use them to take out other people.

Keys and Hiding.
Ever seen Shawshank Redemption? That poster thing is super important in this game.
Magazine+Duct Tape with 20 INT to craft a Poster
This will be the best way to hide your tunneling areas because it doesn't degrade with uses like a fake wall
To make some of the very complicated covers use Paper Mache
Toilet Paper+Glue with 30 INT to craft Paper Mache
Paper Mache+Ink with no INT to craft Die, this is great for trading.
Paper Mache+Paper Mache with 30 INT to craft Fake Vent Cover, if you do the vent stuff you're going to need this one, it has 5 uses. Take apart a vent cover with a Screwdriver.
Paper Mache+Paper Mache+Ink with 40 INT to craft Fake Wall Block, this can be used instead of a poster but it has 5 uses and sucks in comparison.
Wire+Wire+Wire with 50 INT to craft Fake Fence, cover your tracks cutting through fences, single use item and to get rid of it you have to use cutters again.
Bed Sheet+Pillow+Pillow with 30 INT to craft Bed Dummy, infinite use and it's not contraband like in the PC version! You have to have a pillow and sheet on your bed to use it. Use this to cover your time outside the cell in Lights Out.

If a prison has a gatehouse then you WILL need a guard uniform and ID Papers to give to the guard working the gatehouse.
Exotic Feather+Ink+Unsigned ID Papers with 60 INT to craft ID Papers, the Unsigned ID Papers are stored in the guard's quarters in a desk. Grab that when you are leaving.

If you have and keep a guard's key then when they wake up from being KOed you will get tossed into solitary right away so you need to make a copy for it. To make a copy you need Molten Plastic and Putty
Toothbrush or Comb+Lighter with 30 INT will craft Molten Plastic
Toothpaste+Talcum Powder with 20 INT will craft Wad of Putty
When you knock out a guard and loot them they will have a key on them. The color key is appropriate to the color door.
Wad of Putty+Key Color with 50 INT will craft COLOR Key Mold and give you back the Guard's Key so make sure you give that back to him.
COLOR Key Mold+Molten Plastic with 70 INT will craft COLOR Plastic Key, It has 4 uses and is HIGH contraband.

To get past the metal detectors with contraband you need a contraband pouch.
Foil+Duct Tape with 50 INT to craft Contraband Pouch, it has 5 uses before breaking.

Center Perks.

Items required
Nunchucks or Whip
Plated Inmate Outfit

Stats recommended
100 STR
100 SPD
80 INT

Easy first level has 5 guards, 10 inmates and a door that is easily accessible. Simple beat down. The front gate is always accessible and I got out on day 7 by simply building up my strength and speed to 100 and INT to 80 to build Nunchucks and Plated Inmate Outfit. If you can't find a 2nd timber then the whip is also a high attack but requires more INT. I believe that once you incap 80% of the guards then you will initiate the prison takeover but I can't fully confirm that because once I start knocking people out it all becomes a bloody haze, sorry.

Anyway, knock out the guards in an inside area so quick scope McGee doesn't shoot you and once you take over book it out the front door.

Stalag Flucht

Items required
Nunchucks or Whip
Plated Inmate Outfit
Plastic Key Red

Stats recommended
100 STR
100 SPD
80 INT

This one has 5 guards, 10 inmates, a red door in front of the main door and an electric fence. So we could go about digging, turning off the fence, running back to the tunnel, and then continue digging but it's easier to beat your way out.

Once again, fight inside, KO everyone but this time make a mold of red key with the putty, then combine that with molten plastic to make a Plastic Key Red and book it out of there. I was out on the 11th day.

Shankton State Pen

Items required
Plastic Forks, 5
Duct Tape, a LOT of it
Foil, 2
Sheet of Metal
, 8+
Timber, as much as Duct Tape
, 3+
Guard Outfit

Stats Recommended
80 INT

This one has 10 guards and 20 inmates, but no electric fence so that's good. This one will take a bit more to complete as it's difficult to take out 10 guards in a row and it has metal detectors everywhere. No beat downs this time, so we're gonna dig! Behind your cell there is a hallway with a ladder. Before you start digging build up your INT to 80 to craft all the goods and then start a collection.

Use Plastic Forks from the canteen to break through a wall in your cell. Hide the hole with a poster once it's broken and flush the brick down someone else's toilet.

To get all of these supplies you're going to have to change jobs twice. Build up your Intelligence in the library and then get the person who is working the metal shop job fired so you can grab the job. Make them be your friend and follow you around instead of working or have them be knocked out for all 3 hours. Honey is sweeter than vinegar.

You want 6 things of Sheet metal from that shop to make the shovel(s). To get them out you will need a Contraband Pouch to get through the detectors.

Once you have all of those, use the hallway behind your cell to store all of the contraband. Dig a hole next to the ladder and start digging east, to the right.

For the wood, do the same thing with the wood shop guy as you did with the metal shop guy. Keep that job until you escape. The wood will come in handy more than the metal.

With your steady supply of resources keep digging east until you can't dig anymore and the screen has shifted to prove that you're at the edge of the map. You're going to need a lot of timber for the braces but it's simple once you get started as long as you remember the bed dummy in your bed and don't be seen when you put the poster up. Once you reach the end wait until night, put on the guard outfit and dig up. Jump up and go right and you're free! To the next prison.

Jungle Prison

Items required
Nunchucks or Whip
Plated Inmate Outfit
Guard Outfit
Plastic Key Red
Unsigned ID papers

Stats recommended
100 STR
100 SPD
80 INT

This one has 10 inmates and 9 guards, a metal detector between the 2 areas and a guardhouse at the south end of the map. So since you have a roommate and they are a pain to work with and you get sniped when you're outside it's best to go full attack and leave. Build up your stats so you can get the best weapon and best armor but since there's more guards stock up on medicine as well. Store everything in your cell desk and make sure to equip the weapon before going through the detector so it doesn't set it off.

At day 8 I had enough stats built up and the minimum supplies that I was ready to take on the world. It was Roll call when I was looting a desk and was caught by 2 guards. When I knocked them out I knew it was the night. Medicine heals up 20 hp so use it when you get down to 20something. Try to take them all out near your cell so you can find the guy with the red key and make a quick copy of it. Once you have take over shoot north to the guard's quarters, loot the desk for the Unsigned ID Papers and craft the 3 items together to get ID papers, run south, put on the Guard Outfit before getting to the gatehouse, equip the papers, give them to the guard and leave.

San Pancho

This one has 16 inmates and 10 guards, I think digging will be useful for it and am attempting now. There is also a minefield. Don't touch the edges of the mines or they blow you up. There's a truck so turn down the music.

HMP Irongate

This one has 17 inmates and 10 guards and is on an island. I'm on a boat! Or will be.
BaigAre some of your guides from the PC version? Ive tried to create the multitool and the durable contraband pouch and couldn't get either one to register as valid.
Posted by Baig on 15 Feb 15 at 06:39
TonySkiyes but I have built them. contraband pouch is 2 foils and a duct tape.

Multitool is sturdy and sturdy with duct tape.
Posted by TonySki on 15 Feb 15 at 07:35
BaigIve tried the contraband pouch in prisons 2 and 3 and it doesn't work in either for me even at 70 int. multitool i tried in prison 2 and didnt work there at maxed int. cutting floss didnt work in 1 either. Unless they aren't available in earlier prisons i dont think they work in the xbox one version.
Posted by Baig on 15 Feb 15 at 12:41
Sketchy77Multi-tool, durable contraband pouch, powered screwdriver and more are not in the xbox one version.
Posted by Sketchy77 on 15 Feb 15 at 12:49
Sketchy77Full list of uncraftable items:

Durable contraband pouch
Powered Screwdriver
Wooden Bat
Spiked Bat
Grapple Head
Grappling Hook
All POW Outfits (Aren't included in the POW maps)
Glass Shank (No glass shards ingame)
Stinger Strips (No nails ingame)

So far I haven't found any exotic feathers in jungle compound, so its likely ID Papers aren't craftable too.

Not sure about raft parts, haven't unlocked HMP Irongate yet.
Posted by Sketchy77 on 15 Feb 15 at 12:58
BaigYou key info is wrong as well, xbox one version plastic keys have 4 uses, its easy to get stuck.
Posted by Baig on 15 Feb 15 at 14:05
TonySkiSorry my mistake. I remember crafting something and it was digging through 1 dirt block in 2 hits. I thought it was multitool but it was the Sturdy Pickaxe. And the durable Contraband Pouch was in my mind because I had 2 foil and a duct tape and accidentally crafted a regular one.

BUT there ARE nails in the game. All over San Pancho. I can go through about 4 desks and see them and the inmates are always selling them.

Edited for information.
Posted by TonySki on 15 Feb 15 at 17:52
QuickMythrilso far i am in the jungle. i can confirm that i have not seen nails or glass shards yet. cutting floss, powered screwdriver, and multitool are not available. neither are POW outifts. i made the contraband pouch with one foil, but couldn't make the better one with two foil.

i did make the grappling hook. (other than that i agree with Sketchy77's list of uncraftables.) also i found a feather in the jungle. for Shankton i didn't dig out. i just maxed strength and intelligence (80 for the plated armor), kept fighting guards until the gate opened. it took a while since they were running all over. tying them up with rope, duct tape, and bed sheets worked well to keep them down.
Posted by QuickMythril on 17 Feb 15 at 03:40
JayD101I can fill in the last 2 prisons if you need help all I need is one crafting item so if anyone knows what a dice or a speaker can craft (they are both components) please tell me! I'm going through everything so I'll post it if I figure it out.
Posted by JayD101 on 17 Feb 15 at 06:59
JayD101OMG! I finished the game 2nd maybe depending if when the TA scanners start working again a whole load of ppl have actually already done it but the point is, if you are struggling with the Master Craftsman achievement don't waste your time with the Dice or the Speaker! They don't make anything despite saying they are components. I might put up a guide for "Master Craftsman" but I didn't actually write anything down so msg me if you need to and I'll help, my last one was to turn the Overralls (Inmate outfit+ bleach) into a guard outfit (Overalls + Ink)!
Posted by JayD101 on 17 Feb 15 at 08:22
GiantChemical xDid anyone else have problems with posters?
I'm on the 4th prison and I was hiding stuff behind my cell so I was taking the poster down and putting it up quite a lot, so it DID work. Then when I had the stuff to start digging I removed the poster and tried to put it back up but it wouldnt go up, it just showed a red cursor, I made another poster, but that wouldnt go up either. I tried and put my desk infront of the hole, but the guards eventually noticed.
This is the 2nd time its happened to me, last time I tried a fake wall too but it also didnt work, so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong :S
Posted by GiantChemical x on 17 Feb 15 at 11:13
GiantChemical xNot that it matters, but I'm actually on the 3rd prison not the 4th. :P
Posted by GiantChemical x on 17 Feb 15 at 11:15
MysticWeirdo@GiantChemical I had trouble with the poster once. If by some chance its selected when just after you pick it up you need to deselect and reselect it be able to use it.
Posted by MysticWeirdo on 17 Feb 15 at 14:20
GiantChemical x@MysticWeirdo Good call, that fixes it 90% of the time. Saw on Twitter that its a known issue on the xbox and they are working on fixing the poster issue, which is good news.

If anyone else is having the same trouble and its one of those times reslecting doesnt work, the guards are incredibly stupid so just put your chest infront of the hole and they wont see it (even during a cell check). You dont even need to move it when you want to go through the hole as you can climb over it (with 'Y' I think). Thats how I passed the 3rd jail once the poster stopped working.
Posted by GiantChemical x on 17 Feb 15 at 14:59
BossBuzz xRGAnyone having issues with getting the papers on the ' Jungle Compound ' ??? Can't find them nowhere, already outside Prison walls but can't get the papers :(
Posted by BossBuzz xRG on 20 Feb 15 at 17:57
Hoff 07you need the key to get in the small building outside of the prison to the north. I can't remember which key but I think it might be red.. The papers are in the desk in the room
Posted by Hoff 07 on 20 Feb 15 at 18:05
QuickMythrilIt's a red locked door, but it's outside the north main gate. You will see a desk like the ones inmates have. The papers aren't considered contraband, at least not after they are signed, so if you get caught you won't have to do that part again.
Posted by QuickMythril on 20 Feb 15 at 22:11
iTz Canada EhhGreat guide, hopefully you'll have the last two done by May so I can use them when I get back. Although a note about the second prison, I don't think you need a red key to get out. I beat up everyone and was just able to walk through the metal detector through the building with all the jobs and then just walk straight up, the only two things i crafted were the plated inmate armour and a whip.
Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 22 Feb 15 at 08:14
KyWilsonAnother great tip, if you put up bed sheets on the jail cell bars, the guards will not spot you stealing from other inmate's desks, digging, etc. I'm pretty sure there is no need for a bed dummy since they can't see inside the cell anyway. If you use this tactic, just make sure to keep the guards indifferent/friendly (orange/green), otherwise they will take down the bed sheets when they pass by. Otherwise, if they stay in the orange, they will never take them down (harder said than done, I know).
Posted by KyWilson on 23 Feb 15 at 02:42