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Bunker Defense

Awarded for protecting friendly forces from superior enemy numbers.

Bunker Defense+0.1
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16 Feb 2015
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These are the achievements for Mission 11 of the single player campaign:

Mission 11:

Medals (Achievements):
1) Bunker Defense
2) AA Guns Destroyed

1) When you approach the bunker in the South West, you'll get the medal opportunity. Take control of the rocket tank that is automatically dropped in, and don't let the Axis troops in the bunker to achieve the medal.

2) You'll get the medal after destroying ALL TEN of the AA (anti-aircraft) guns. They're all pretty much in plain sight, but here are the two possibly tricky ones.
- Make sure to get the one on top of the radio tower bunker.
- There's one stashed behind the bunker of the checkpoint in the
center of the map.

Thanks to Messiadbunny for all the help!