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Master Craftsman

Craft all the items available in the game.

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Master Craftsman Complete List!

***I recommend you use this list and make items as you play through the game. As soon as you see something you need to make things, just make it and toss it away if you don't need it! I also recommend you snap the achievements and verify the tracker counts any item you make!***

Important note: I wasted a huge amount of time trying to make something from the "Dice" and "Speaker" items as they both say they are components. Unfortunately this is incorrect and as far as this achievement is concerned they don't make anything!!!

Another important note: It seems a few people have been stuck at 98% and have had to re-craft things they have done before to get the achievement to pop. To save you some trouble I would suggest to snap your achievements and verify that the "Master Craftsman" achievement progress bar moves up whenever you are creating something for the first time. If it does not go up, make it again and if it still doesn't make a note of the item and come back to it later probably on another level. So far I haven't encountered anyone who has not been able to get this achievement so it's not a huge issue, just something to make a note of.

Handy Tip: "Fooga" has said in the comments that you can reload your save after making an item and then make another item. For example if you have one putty and 5 keys you can make one key mould then reload to get the putty back and then make a different coloured key mould. This won't give you all the key moulds of course it is just to save time towards your achievement. I would suggest doing this as one of your last achievements as you will need to make most things anyway throughout the game. If you want to get the achievement out of the way or find yourself missing a few items that use similar components this tip may help you. "Fooga" has said that he did this successfully and got the achievement without any issues. Thanks Fooga! :)


Tool Handle = File + Timber
Flimsy Pickaxe = Tool Handle + Crowbar + Duct Tape
Lightweight Pickaxe = Flimsy Pickaxe + Timber + Duct Tape
Sturdy Pickaxe = Lightweight Pickaxe + Timber + Duct Tape
Flimsy Shovel = Tool Handle + Metal + Duct Tape
Lightweight Shovel = Flimsy Shovel + Metal + Duct Tape
Sturdy Shovel = Lightweight Shovel + Metal + Duct Tape
Flimsy Cutters = File + File + Duct Tape
Lightweight Cutters = Flimsy Cutters + File + Duct Tape
Sturdy Cutters = Lightweight Cutters + File + Duct Tape


Toothbrush Shiv = Press cn_X against a wall with item selected. (Doesn't count for the achievement but very useful to give people to improve their opinion of you).
Comb Shiv = Press cn_X against a wall with item selected. (Doesn't count for the achievement but very useful to give people to improve their opinion of you).
Comb Blade = Comb + Razor Blade
Sock Mace = Sock + Soap
Super Sock Mace = Sock + Battery
Knuckle Duster = Razor Blade + Duct Tape
Nunchucks = Timber + Wire + Timber
Whip = Timber + Wire + Razor Blade
Cup of Molten Chocolate = Cup + Lighter + Chocolate


Overalls = Inmate outfit + Bleach (This won't work if your inmate outfit is upgraded so make sure you have a fresh inmate outfit).
Guard outfit = Ink + Overalls (This was my last one! Stupid Dice and Speaker had me trying stuff for hours before I thought of trying this!)
Cushioned Inmate Outfit = Inmate outfit + Pillow + Duct Tape
Padded Inmate Outfit = Inmate outfit + Book + Duct Tape
Plated Inmate Outfit = Inmate outfit + Metal + Duct Tape

Concealment Devices

Fake Wall Block = Paper Mache + Paper Mache + Ink
Fake Vent Cover = Paper Mache + Paper Mache
Fake Fence = Wire + Wire + Wire
Poster = Magazine + Duct Tape (Use this, not the wall block)
Bed Dummy = Sheet + Pillow + Pillow
Contraband Pouch = Foil + Duct Tape


ID Papers = Feather + Ink + Unsigned ID Papers (Only available in the jungle. Head North to the Barracks to get this before going south once you escape).
Grapple Head = Crowbar + Crowbar + Duct Tape
Grappling Hook = Grapple Head + Rope
Sheet Rope = Sheet + Sheet (You can tie the guards up with Sheet Rope, Duct Tape and Rope)
Candle = Battery + Wire
Paper Mache = Toilet Paper + Glue
Molten Plastic = Comb/Toothbrush/Plastic Knife,Spoon or Fork + Lighter
Putty = Toothpaste + Talcum Powder
Key Mould = Putty + Key (You can make one for each individual colour - The achievement picture for "The Escapist!" shows 6 keys, however there are only 5. Red, Yellow, Cyan, Purple and Green. Each colour is required for the achievement)
Plastic Key = Molten Plastic + Key Mould (You need to make every colour to get the achievement)
Timber Brace = Timber + Timber
Unvarnished Chair = Timber + Timber + Timber
Sail = Timber + Bed-Sheet (Despite being possible to get these components on the first level you can only make this on the 6th level, HMP Irongate.
Raft Base = Balsa Wood + Balsa Wood + Rope (Balsa Wood is only available on the 6th level, HMP Irongate)
Makeshitft Raft = Raft Base + Sail + Rope (Only on HMP Irongate)
Stinger Strip = Nails + Duct Tape (Nails only available in the San Pancho level).
Hat, Vest, Shorts, Underpants and Sock = Needle & Thread + Fabric. *These can only be made while working in the "Outfit Making Position". Combining the components provided will make a random piece of clothing so make sure you make all 5!

NOTE: Balsa wood can be bought from other inmates on HMP Irongate. It looks like a pale version of timber. Every few in game hours the inmates who are selling will change so keep checking their stuff. Tip: Press Y on any inmate to cycle through their inventory, stats and items for sale (if applicable). If anyone has found balsa wood anywhere else please let me know and I will add it to the guide.

There are 57 items to craft in total. If you don't count 57 remember the Comb and Toothbrush Shiv aren't part of the achievement and the keys and Moulds have 5 each. I'm also including the full list of stuff from the PC version that is not in the Xbox One version so you know for sure you don't need these if you hear it anywhere else.

Craft Items NOT in the Xbox One Version:
Powered Screwdriver
Cutting floss
Glass Shank
Wooden Bat
Spiked Bat
Infirmary Overalls (Just called Overalls on Xbox One)
Cushioned/Padded/Plated POW Outfit
Durable Contraband Pouch
Die (You can find it but you cannot make it)
DnB GnasherThanks!

Do you know if you need to make all the Plastic Keys and all the Key Moulds?
Posted by DnB Gnasher on 17 Feb 15 at 10:50
JayD101Yup you do need to make them all. I really only used the blue (Cyan) and red ones but the easiest way would be to get all your moulds ready and always keep 1 or 2 on you. You can do them one at a time or if you want to get them all at once start beating the guards up outside your cell so you can run in and out to swap the moulds as you get the copies!
Posted by JayD101 on 17 Feb 15 at 11:42
JayD101I updated the guide so it's clearer that you need each colour key and mould. :)
Posted by JayD101 on 17 Feb 15 at 11:47
MysticWeirdoI count 57 item in the your list after accounting for the 5 key types and the 5 clothing articles. This agree with my observation of the achievement tracked.

You only need one set of nails not two for the Stinger Strip on the X1 version, just made this last night and was wondering why no crafting item appeared with 2 nails.
Everything else in the list that I've made so far looks correct.

Makeshift Raft should be bolded.
Posted by MysticWeirdo on 17 Feb 15 at 14:17
JayD101Awesome thanks Mystic I'll fix that up!
Posted by JayD101 on 17 Feb 15 at 15:11
jodiebearsThank you so much! Helped massively smile
Posted by jodiebears on 22 Feb 15 at 23:38
MXR5150Can you work on this across multiple characters?
Posted by MXR5150 on 23 Feb 15 at 04:34
JayD101Hey MXR, yeah across any characters and all maps. You can't make everything in any one map as the last 2 maps have crafting specific to those maps. San Pancho has the ID Papers and HMP Irongate has the raft.
Posted by JayD101 on 23 Feb 15 at 10:23
MXR5150Thank you!
Posted by MXR5150 on 23 Feb 15 at 19:13
UNiT RebourneWhere is balsa wood at i can not find it
Posted by UNiT Rebourne on 03 Mar 15 at 03:29
JayD101Hey Unit! Balsa wood is only available on HMP Irongate and it is pretty rare. I only found 2 pieces of balsa wood on my playthrough (because that's all I needed) and both were acquired by buying them from other inmates. Press 'Y' on inmates with the selling icon and just keep checking them. The other inmates who are selling swap every few in-game hours so keep track of who you have checked and just keep going through until it turns up. Hope this helps. I'll put it in the guide.
Posted by JayD101 on 03 Mar 15 at 12:35
OddZekeHey, first off this has helped me so much! But I'm stuck at 98% and don't know which ones I'm missing. Any ideas? Plus my notes in the game sometimes show what I've built on one prison but not the other.
Posted by OddZeke on 08 Mar 15 at 00:40
JayD101I would start from the top of the list and just make everything and check it off. But some ideas for you are, make sure you have made all types of key moulds and plastic keys (all colours) and don't forget the outfit making position, you need to make all the different types. If you still are stuck after trying that let me know and we'll try figure it out. Oh also my last one was turning overalls into the prison guard outfit with ink.
Posted by JayD101 on 08 Mar 15 at 09:54
OddZekeI've done that and I still don't know what it is
Posted by OddZeke on 08 Mar 15 at 15:43
GwintbleiddSame problem here I made everything on your list and I'm at 98% :/
Posted by Gwintbleidd on 08 Mar 15 at 17:04
GwintbleiddOh forget it It just unlocked after making a fake vent cover. I'm 100% sure I already made this in prison 3...
Posted by Gwintbleidd on 08 Mar 15 at 17:12
JayD101Awesome! Glad it popped for you dude :)
Posted by JayD101 on 09 Mar 15 at 07:41
I3EAR iN MiNDAwesome solution,pal !! Like some people i was stuck 98% as well...crafting a candle is what did it for me although i've crafted multiple candles before.
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 13 Mar 15 at 13:17
JayD101Thanks dude! This does seem to have happened a few times, I'll put a note in the solution that you may need to re-do somethings. Thanks Bear :)
Posted by JayD101 on 14 Mar 15 at 03:50
SOLO NO1arg stuck on 98% and can not work out my last item, nearly done everything twice now :(

thought i had it figured out when the PC version showed cooked chicken as a craft item,
Posted by SOLO NO1 on 18 Apr 15 at 01:52
JayD101Hopefully it's in those last few dude! Yeah I got excited about a few things from the PC version when I was first working it all out. If you absolutely can't get it let me know and I will do some research. When a few people said they were stuck at 98% I was a little paranoid I had missed something but everyone has reported that they ended up getting the achievement to pop when crafting something they already had done previously. I hope it works for you dude let me know how you go!
Posted by JayD101 on 18 Apr 15 at 04:15
ShadowNextGenI can't seem to get this achievement. I am stuck at 98%. I have 55 of the 57 items show up in my journal on HMP Irongate. It doesn't show the Stinger Strip and ID Papers despite the fact that I am 100% I did those on their respective levels. Is there a reason why those two won't show up in my journal in HMP Irongate? Is that what is keeping me stuck at 98%?
Posted by ShadowNextGen on 19 Apr 15 at 06:18
JayD101I'm really not sure sorry Shadow. I didn't have this problem when I played the game and most people who said they had this problem told me it was solved by re-crafting things. I'll re-download the game and see what's in my journal.
Posted by JayD101 on 19 Apr 15 at 06:33
JayD101ok so I re-downloaded the game and had a look at my journal on HMP Irongate and I also have 55, missing the Stinger and ID Papers. I gather that this is because they are map specific items and they would only show on the right maps. When I loaded San Pancho it showed the stinger but not the items for the raft from HMP. So that is unlikely to be your problem I suggest re-crafting everything and keep track of what you have done. Good luck!
Posted by JayD101 on 19 Apr 15 at 07:10
ShadowNextGenThe achievement finally popped for me after re-crafting some items. It is a seriously annoying bug and this game is being deleted off my console. Thanks for the help!
Posted by ShadowNextGen on 19 Apr 15 at 18:24
ShadowNextGenThe achievement finally popped for me after re-crafting some items. It is a seriously annoying bug and this game is being deleted off my console. Thanks for the help!
Posted by ShadowNextGen on 19 Apr 15 at 20:24
Ale386The Fake Wall Block and the Fake Vent Cover are not in the Xbox One version too
Posted by Ale386 on 11 Jul 15 at 12:03
JayD101You mean they took them out in a patch? Because they definitely were in it when I played the game on release. I made them myself. Everything on this list I have made myself. I'll load it up and double check.
Posted by JayD101 on 13 Jul 15 at 22:29
JayD101Ok I just loaded up the Escapists and made a fake wall block and a fake vent cover exactly as the guide says. Please disregard Ale386's comment!
Posted by JayD101 on 13 Jul 15 at 23:31
SprinkyDinkWhat's the best prison to get most of them done? I loaded up the first prison and I wasnt getting anything useful from desks. Is there a certain prison that is best to do MOST of the items on?
Posted by SprinkyDink on 25 Sep 15 at 21:09
JayD101The best way is to do it while you are progressing through the game because you will use a lot of them just to play the game. By the time I finished all the prisons I only had one left to look for. So there isn't one level that has everything so I really recommend just making things as you find components while playing, However If you were trying to do it all at once I would say to start looking on the 6th Prison because it has more of the things that are hard to find, and then work your way backwards. Make sure you check what all the other inmates are selling and go through all their desks in the cells.

It will be quite difficult to load up one prison and find everything. Also if you have already done all the levels just load your last save for each level so that you (hopefully) already have things going how you like. If you beat up all the prisoners and they all hate you it's pain so in that case just start a new one and make sure to get most of them to like you so you can buy good things when they come up.

So basically I'm not sure but the last couple of levels will have most items I believe but I definitely recommend to do it as you play through the game. Also I should mention I haven't done the dlc yet so there might be a good level in that, if anyone knows please let us know.
Posted by JayD101 on 28 Sep 15 at 19:00
FoogaCan I just craft certain items (keys for example), and reload my save to make other keys? I notice that makes the tracker go up. Just wondering if this is ok or will that bug the achievement?
Posted by Fooga on 28 Dec 15 at 11:26
JayD101I can't be sure sorry. I never needed to do that myself and no one has mentioned it however if it did stuff up and hadn't counted the ones you did without saving (because you reloaded), I believe you would just have to re-do those ones. Worst comes to worst if you didn't know which ones hadn't counted you would just need to go down the list and make everything again. It's easy to just make them when you need them but if you want to try it I don't think It would totally screw things up for you. Please let me know if it does so I can pass that on.
Posted by JayD101 on 28 Dec 15 at 19:12
FoogaAlright. I'm noticing that it counts on the achievement tracker, but obviously it's not saved in the journal. I have a checklist on my phone of the crafting list, and I'm marking the ones that I didn't save.

I also marked the items like the vent cover, fake wall block, chair, and table, as the tracker didn't go up when I made those.
Posted by Fooga on 29 Dec 15 at 01:40
JayD101If the tracker doesn't go up when you make something after doing the reload it could mean, say you were at 10% made an item and it went to 12%, then you reload without saving and while the tracker stays at 12% the game only has 10% so when you do something else you are expecting it to go up for it just went back to 12%. But of course you only saw the tracker stay at 12% the whole time. That happened with an achievement in the Dead Rising 3 dlc, I don't know if it would happen in this i'm just speculating. It depends how they code it. Just something to think about if you make something you have never made before and the tracker doesn't go up. Good luck!
Posted by JayD101 on 30 Dec 15 at 04:49
FoogaAchievement unlocked as soon as I crafted the raft pieces in HMP Irongate. I can now confirm that you are free to reload your save after you make an item (in my case, it was the keys and the molds). Just be sure to keep a personal checklist so you know what you did!
Posted by Fooga on 31 Dec 15 at 11:51
JayD101Awesome thanks Fooga!
Posted by JayD101 on 31 Dec 15 at 14:03
kriegiri was going crazy. it was sheet rope lol. thanks alot man
Posted by kriegir on 25 Feb 16 at 18:02
JayD101Glad you got it! I know the feeling when I was doing this a cpl days after the game came out I was going nuts because the dice and speaker said they were components (hopefully patched now) and I tried every possible combination with those 2 things. All I was actually missing was the dyed guard uniform!
Posted by JayD101 on 26 Feb 16 at 10:21
Rainleaf+1 got it with this guide thanks
Posted by Rainleaf on 29 Feb 16 at 11:18
ScreensterFantastic guide, upvoted!
Posted by Screenster on 26 Jul 16 at 18:07
fvagelisHolly Hell ! I Crafted every single item at least 3 Times, then I came here to get the list yet again but as I was copying the list, the game was loading on my xbox and I it popped before the title screen. So bizarre.
Posted by fvagelis on 23 Oct 16 at 22:44
JayD101Unfortunately for all achievements on xbox one if for any reason achievements can't sync with xbox live, whether their end or yours, achievements won't always pop. If you are sure you have done the requirements sometimes it's good to just move on to your next game. The achievement will pop when it's ready no matter what you are doing, Usually you know when this is happening because it will happen to a bunch of your achievements. Longest I've had to wait for an achievement to pop was over 2 weeks! But that is quite rare. Sometimes you can force the achievement to pop by repeating the requirements or doing a hard reset or quitting the game and starting again. It's quite common so if you are pretty sure you have done what is required just move on and check back every so often!

fvagelis so glad you go it! What happened to you sounds exactly like the issue I mentioned above. You had done everything right and when the game started and synced it popped!

If anyone doesn't know much about this issue here is a great thread that explains it all and a link to best ways to fix it.

'Done! Unlocking...' what does it mean?

Usually though you just need to wait a little while. It's the price of having all the achievements on the cloud. The benefit of this is that achievements can more easily be altered if there are problems with them. For example when Killer Instinct first came out each character required 2000 matches played, this was quickly changed to 200 as it was completely ridiculous!
Posted by JayD101 on 24 Oct 16 at 02:44
JayD101Also it doesn't necessarily have to say "Done! Unlocking" for you to have this issue. Sometimes it just won't pop! Just double check you are sure you have done the requirements, then search to check if there is a common bug that could be the reason for it not unlocking and if all good then you can follow the directions in the above link or just move on to something else and it will pop soon!
Posted by JayD101 on 24 Oct 16 at 02:52
SeitzzGreat guide
Posted by Seitzz on 25 Nov 18 at 02:52
MatanjahPLThis moment when you miss one thing and it is... pants... But guide is great.
Posted by MatanjahPL on 27 Oct 19 at 06:19