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Dominate an online lobby by being ahead of all 5 rivals at once!

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13 May 2010 29 Oct 2017
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UPDATE: Server shut down, achievement unobtainable.

You'll most likely need to boost this. Here goes:

1) Get a party together of 6 people including yourself.

2) One person create a lobby. Change Ranked to "No". Change Laps to "1". Change Rounds to "1". Change Security to "Private". We had a little problem getting everyone to connect, so you may need to play around with who hosts the lobby.

3) Pick any track with the word "Short" in it. Once the lobby is up, invite the party and everyone ready up.

4) Decide who will get the achievement first. That person must takedown all other racers. The markers next to each person's name must be GREEN. Red will NOT work. Once this player gets all green markers next to the names, that player should finish the race in 1st (that's how we did it; comments say winning isn't required). The achievement will unlock FOR THIS PLAYER ONLY when you get back to the lobby.

5) Start the race back up and repeat the process for the other players. It should take about an hour.

Thanks to the people that helped me get this achievement, III JONESY III, TJHanson (and his two copies), xvd4ever, and DemonATX1337!
SahelanthropI was using Alpha's strategy, but at the end of the race I lagged out and my console locked up. When I came back (and rejoined the same party/lobby) the achievement popped. Due to this, I can confirm that The yb's alternate solution for this also works (when needed):

"If you have a takedown against 5 different opponents, all you need to do is join or make an online game lobby with those 5 people. Once you are all in the lobby you will get the achievement, no racing required."
Posted by Sahelanthrop on 17 Mar 12 at 02:16
Clawed Fishwinning is not a requirement!!
Posted by Clawed Fish on 24 Mar 12 at 18:06
zombietommy12hksomeone can help , i need to get this
Posted by zombietommy12hk on 22 Jul 13 at 19:49
SpeedBumpVDropYou have to figure out what connection your friends have (wired or wireless), because sometimes that person will fail to connect to the game, and someone has to back out for them to connect.
Posted by SpeedBumpVDrop on 04 Feb 15 at 04:37
GodLike499Is it possible to get this with three people with guest accounts?
Posted by GodLike499 on 01 Aug 15 at 00:34