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Kill 1000 Knights.

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21 Feb 2015
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I thought the other solutions here were good, but the best way I found netted 11 Knight kills every ~90 seconds or so, letting me grind from 50% to unlock in a maybe a couple hours.

Easy difficulty, Infinity, checkpoint Charlie. Rush through for a bit until you enter the Mantis (past the section with the tank/hunters). You'll know you're at the spot when you, a) get in the Mantis, and b) Cortana says, "The path to the maintenance causeway is jammed".

You should get a checkpoint as you're jumping into that Mantis. Then just proceed through the door and down the hallways, killing a total of 11 Knights, and reload the checkpoint. The first Knights spawn in a group of 2, then 2, 1, 2, 2, and 2. After those last 2 reload the last checkpoint to avoid getting a new one - my checkpoint was literally as I was getting in the Mantis so it made grinding very easy.
I discovered this method first plz remove plz before i give negative vote
Posted on 18 May 15 at 21:22
Fooga^ LOL
Posted by Fooga on 19 Oct 15 at 04:34
ZippyAdamReally nice find. +1
Posted by ZippyAdam on 05 Jun 17 at 20:18
ParadoxReal8Great solution
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 10 Jul 17 at 15:09
KurenaiTsuki XGreat solution
Posted by KurenaiTsuki X on 10 Nov 18 at 14:25
Furr E NutsThis solution isn't working as explained to get about 11 knights. From what I'm seeing there is a CP after taking out the first 4 knights in the first hallway and hallway to the right. After this if you move down the hallway to the right towards the next area, in the middle of this hallway pops a check point. However you can still collect about 6-7 knights in the last section and restart the CP here and grind the 6-7 knights or you can restart the CP where you get in the mantis if you don't go down the middle right hallway. If you don't kill the Watcher, and if you kill the knight closest to the Watcher while he's close, it will re-spawn one or two additional Knights and thats it. Kinda slow doing it this way however do able.
Posted by Furr E Nuts on 06 Jan 19 at 20:30