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True Dedication

All Goal attacks must be unlocked and every goal for every race completed.

True Dedication+1.3
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IReal ShowdownIReal Showdown1,151,843
21 Feb 2015
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Not so much a guide but I do feel it should be on the main page as well not everyone reads the comments but even though this achievement isn't flagged for buggy I was up since 1am today the 21/2/2015 done all the goal attacks and the dlc ones and had to go back to unlock a few races unlocked them. Done them and now the game is telling me I'm missing objectives even though when you finish the race it says 4 stars or 3 which ever one is fully completing it now I've read it up online that the only way to fix it is to delete your save :(
milkweed8518/3/2015 Confirmed buggy for me the lonely 2/1000 people lol. Had 5 UnOrdered races to go ; gold stars 0-4 won't unlock although completed requirements for those 5 races. Really upset as it seems starting over is indeed imminent GJ Rockstar
Posted by milkweed85 on 19 Mar 15 at 05:52
CaptainFuture01Had one race left back a few years ago which wouldn't unlock no matter how often i completed all objectives i buried it,deleted the save and forgot about it.....guess i'll try it again some time this year,want to finally settle this one....just make sure,you don't install the South Central DLC,if you have that extra,when you take it on again.....


Posted by CaptainFuture01 on 22 Nov 15 at 18:01
IReal ShowdownI have no choice I have the complete editon
Posted by IReal Showdown on 22 Nov 15 at 18:22
milkweed85not looking forward to putting this game back in. Will update if anything changes as I haven't deleted it yet
Posted by milkweed85 on 15 Nov 16 at 08:33