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Stick Up Kid

GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.

Stick Up Kid0
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Mr XBobMr XBob428,757
22 Feb 2015 11 Mar 2015
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This might be glitched for those who already completed this achievement on 360 and then transferred their profile to Xbox One.

I'm in this category, and so on Xbox One all 20 stores have the green check mark to say I've robbed them already. The achievement didn't pop when I launched GTA Online (like some others did) so I went around the map and did them all again.

I did this three times - all 20 stores - and still no achievement. And no percentage progress for it either.

To get this achievement to pop, I created a new online character (thus clearing the map) and was able to earn the achievement by robbing all stores again. To make it faster, I didn't bother running from the cops.

Hold up store, get the money, wait for the cops or store owner to kill you, respawn, go to next store.
Raw Sauce RossHey I earned this on the 360 and imported my character over to the one and I unlocked it after some trouble. I kept switching characters from new to my 360 character and it unlocked. I also did the same thing for the JP version of the game on the one.
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 28 Feb 15 at 05:06
ASLane ZeroCan anybody else confirm this? I'm having similar trouble and will give the above a shot tonight.
Posted by ASLane Zero on 11 Mar 15 at 12:24
Mr XBobI can't confirm that, but I can confirm making a brand new character and doing the 20 stores with them worked for me. It helps a lot since the stores show up correctly on the map with a new character (rather than all showing check marks, making it harder to track)
Posted by Mr XBob on 11 Mar 15 at 12:29
SKORPIONICI migrated over a week ago, and like you said, all the stores were still checked off. Also, some other minor achievements and all my heist achievements hadn't unlocked. Took your advice and used a second character and within a minute all remaining 18 had popped. Thx!
Posted by SKORPIONIC on 01 Jul 16 at 18:00
SDREW44I can Also Confirm What Ross Hodge Said Worked For Me.. headspin
Posted by SDREW44 on 07 Mar 17 at 09:31
Homunculus FuryDid you create the new character or just go into the swap character menu
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 19 Mar 17 at 04:46
Raw Sauce RossI had already a character created but making a new one (leaving as soon as it loads the tutorial) and loading your real save back up should trigger the unlocks. You might have to do it a few times.
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 19 Mar 17 at 12:52
Ghost DrgNxOnly 19 stores are showing up on my map.
Posted by Ghost DrgNx on 02 Jan 19 at 01:58