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Halo CE: Beat the par time on Keyes.

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22 Feb 2015
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While the above solution is excellent advice, I think it is more appropriate for a legendary or LASO speed run. The par time on Keyes can be achieved by just setting the difficulty to easy and running through the level.

As early as possible, get the shotgun. Speed through the level and don't stop to shoot anyone unless they are actually preventing you from continuing. There are lots of tight hallways crowded with flood - if there are a clump of flood, use a grenade. You should be able to beat this with plenty of breathing room without using any glitches. Remember that once you found Keyes, and you're back in the hangar, you can just drop down levels by falling over the side (fall from 3rd floor to 2nd to 1st) and then immediately get in the banshee.

Good luck.
HawaiianrulerThis is so true. I finished in 8 minutes on easy and I even died four times. Be careful in hallways throwing grenades as the ones from dead grunts will go off. Also fun note. If you get to the banshee platform before it registers it as your objective you can get in and fly outside the ship for a few seconds
Posted by Hawaiianruler on 14 Aug 15 at 00:53
GrfxGawdSimilar experience as the person who posted above, died at least three times. 7:56 total time, flew outside the ship for a few seconds before it even registered and the cutscene played. One of the easiest speedruns and used no glitching.
Posted by GrfxGawd on 12 Sep 18 at 23:23
Eds Killerbox 7After trying that damned flood bump over and no avail, everytime I was in perfect position with a tested reviver, it just checkpointed. So I (being only after the time cheev) took your advice...and it worked a treat. Finished in 10.52. thank you bro ...
Posted by Eds Killerbox 7 on 18 Feb at 09:46