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Successfully escape from all six prisons.

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To add to the already informative and helpful solutions by TonySki, and Hoff 07, I thought I should add how I escaped each prison.
For a complete guide on how to create each item in game, please refer to this fabulous guide made by JayD101:

Solution for Master Craftsman in The Escapists

A few tips to begin with:

Friendship is the way to go.
Your fellow prisoners will love Magazines and Comb/Toothbrush Shanks (created by pressing X next to a wall while the item is selected). This not only enables you to buy items that are essential to crafting from them, but to also have them follow you around.
Doing this can cause them to be fired from jobs (as they were too busy following you to do their job, leaving it open for your taking), or having them help beat up guards. They don't pack much of a punch, but they can provide a distraction, which is good enough.
Do as many favours as you can.
Not only will this raise your money faster than any job, it will also create friendships between you and your fellow prisoners.
Always, and I mean always, check your stats.
Max out your intellect (or at least to 80) so you can craft the necessary materials, and, when beating your way out, max out your speed and strength. This will raise your maximum health, as well as make your punches hurt that much more.
If you're finding it hard to beat them all up at once, tie them up.
JayD101 pointed out to me that you can tie guards up with Duct Tape Sheet Rope, and regular Rope. It IS possible to do all beat-em-up escapes without utilising this method (I didn't use it through my play through), but if you're finding it hard to keep all of the guards down, this is a good technique to maximise your KO's. Any guards tied up this way can be untied by other guards, but it takes a second, and while they're doing this you can punchpunchpunch away.

Now, on to the prisons themselves:

Center Perks

This prison has 5 guards, and 10 inmates. I escaped this prison by beating my way out. I crafted the Knuckle Duster and Plated Inmate Outfit, waited until Dinner (you could also do this at Breakfast or Lunch) as all the guards were around the same area, and simply beat them up until the gates unlocked (A notification will appear on screen once you have beaten up enough guards, telling you the gates are unlocked). From there it's a straight shot out of the prison.
A video of my escape can be viewed here:

Stalag Flucht

This prison has 5 guards, and 10 inmates. Escaping this one is very much like the first; again, I made the Knuckle Duster and Plated Inmate Outfit, which are among the easiest offensive/defensive weapons/armour to create, as well as being powerful. In addition you will want to create Putty and Molten Plastic.
I beat my way out of the prison again, killing enough guards until Prison Lockdown was initiated. When beating up the guards, you will come accross one with a Red Key, simply place the Putty and Red Key together in the crafting menu, creating a Red Key Mould. Then combine the Molten Pastic and Red Key Mould to create a Plastic Red Key. Once done, be sure to give the Red Key back to whichever guard you've stolen it from, or your killing spree will come to an abrupt end once that guard wakes up.
(unfortunately my xbox messed up, so no video for this one. Although the method explained above is used in later escapes! So no fear.)

Shankton State Pen

This prison has 10 guards and 20 inmates. I found the best way out of here was to dig.
There is, conveniently, a hallway behind your cell perfect for digging and storing materials. You can break through this wall using Plastic Forks OR a Pickaxe. You will also need to craft a Shovel of whatever grade you desire (obviously the Sturdy Shovel will work the best.) and a Poster OR Fake Wall Block to cover your trail. And begin to dig your way through the corridor behind your cell.
After digging a few blocks, you will get a notification telling you to support the tunnel before digging any further. You will need to craft a Timber Brace to do this. BE AWARE that lots of these will be needed, and so a job in the Wood Shop will serve you well (alternatively, timber ((as well as metal sheets for the shovels, if you don't fancy a job in Metal Works, either)) can be bought from your fellow inmates). In order to smuggle Timber out of the Wood Shop, you must craft a Contraband Pouch. (Simply hold it in your inventory with any Contraband, and you won't be detected.)
Once you have dug until the game will let you dig no further, get yourself a Guard Outfit, either from beating up a guard and stealing one, crafting one, or buying one from a fellow inmate, pop it on and book it out of there.
Halfway done.
A video of my escape can be viewed here (apologies for the short video.):

Jungle Prison

This prison has 9 guards and 10 inmates. We're going to beat our way out of this one, too. But it's a little more complicated than our previous tough guy escapes.
As well as our ever trusty Knuckle Dusters and Plated Inmate Outfit, you'll want to get yourself some Putty and Molten Plastic, as we'll need to make another Red Plastic Key.
But it doesn't stop there. Get yourself some Ink, Medcine, a Guard Outfit and a Feather (an item only available on this level), through thievery from your fellow inmates' desks or from honest black market purchase,
Once you've acquired all of this, you're ready to escape. Once again, I waited until the guards were clumped together at Breakfast (Dinner or Lunch will also work) and began my killing spree.
Once you have killed the guard with the Red Key make yourself a Plastic Red Key (using the method described above), and keep KO'ing guards until Prison Lockdown is initiated. Once done, head North to the guards' quarters. In here, you'll see a desk containing some Unsigned ID Papers, which, when coupled with your Ink and Feather become Signed ID Papers.
Once you have this, book it South, out of the newly unlocked door. Put on your Guard Outfit and hand over the Signed ID Papers when asked.
Boom, 4/6.
A video of my escape can be viewed here:

San Pancho

This prison has 10 guards and 16 inmates. Surrounding the prison is a mine field, as well as a truck patrol, making beating your way out impossible (at least as far as I've tried.) so we'll have to be sneaky about this.
Digging is the way to go. I found that breaking through the wall in Solitary, and digging from the corridor next to it, was the sneakiest way. I didn't get caught once.
A few words of warning for this prison: Wood Shop IS NOT an available job, meaning you'll be relying on your inmates for Timber. I found that re-loading a save until someone had wood in their inventory in the morning was the most profitable, as you can go days and days without a single sniff of Timber otherwise. Alternatively, I had a few inmates beating on each other, and their unconscious bodies often had a piece of Timber or two on them. Also, KEEP YOUR GARDENING JOB!! This will provide you with FREE Trowels (If you pick one up as soon as you wake, you can grab another during your first work hour, and another during your second) meaning you don't have to worry about crafting a single Shovel. Hey, you're behind bars, no need to reject freebies.
You'll need to grab some Plastic Forks from the Cafeteria to break through the Solitary wall, and cover the hole with a Poster or Fake Wall Block to ward off any snooping guards. (As a side note, I found the guards in here to be completely oblivious to my stealing from other inmates' desks, so feel free to rampage. Also, inmates will occasionally carry Trowels as weapons. The more the merrier!)
Once you've broken through wall, keep digging and digging. You will also need to craft a few Timber Braces, as before. This will take time, be patient. Using your steady supply of Trowels and, hopefully steady, supply of Timber Braces, you will eventually notice mines appearing in your tunnel. DO NOT touch these. You will instantly die, the guards will discover your tunnel, and you'll be starting from scratch. If all goes to plan, however, eventually you will come to a wall. DO NOT DIG UP TO THE SURFACE YET. Wait until the very last moment.
Now, you will need to grab a Guard Outfit through stealing, crafting, or trading. And have a hefty supply of Plastic Forks or a Pickaxe.
This bit is important: WAIT UNTIL NIGHT TO ESCAPE. if the guards see you roaming about outside the walls in the day, whatever fashion choices you make, it's game over.
So, once night-time comes (I waited until Light's Out), plant a Bed Dummy in your bunk so the guards think your snuggled away, and head for your tunnel. Put on your Guard Outfit and turn up your volume. You should hear the distant sounds of a Truck passing. Wait until it's faded away, and begin to dig upwards.
Once your out in the open, get your Pickaxe or Plastic Forks, and start chipping away at that wall. Once you're through, you're scott free.
A video of my escape can be viewed here:

HMP Irongate

This prison has 10 guards and 17 inmates. Although this is the hardest prison of the lot, we're going to beat our way out. (I managed to escape on day 6 using this method.)
Now, a few differences on this prison:
There are metal/contraband detectors EVERYWHERE. You could craft a Contraband Pouch, but I found the easiest way to get Contraband materials was to make whichever inmate you wish to buy from your friend, have him follow you to your cell, and then buy what you want in there and send him packing. This way you avoid the detectors completely, and save a bit of hassle.
The job you have doesn't much matter here, I chose the Wood Shop as it seems (to me, at least) one of the quickest jobs to have. This means quick money, but in addition to this, you'll want to complete as many favours as you possibly can (I found the "cause a ruckus at whatever" to be the easiest/most profitable. Remember refusing favours causes a small impact on friendship with the selected inmate, but it's easily rectified through presents.)
Now, the guards here are tougher than the previous prisons. You will need to craft either Nunchucks (which CAN also be bought from fellow inmates, on rare occasions) or a Whip (I chose the whip) as they do the most damage. Our trusty Plated Inmate Outfit will do just fine for defence when coupled with Medicine, which can be bought from your fellow inmates.
You will also need to craft a Make Shift Raft using Balsa Wood, an item only found on this level. Since this prison is on an island, this is your ONLY means of escape.
In addition to this, we will also need a Red Plastic Key, so be sure to craft some Putty and Molten Plastic in order to make this. (I started with the necessary materials to make both of these in my desk. If, however, you do not, you can always buy the materials from fellow inmates, or beat people up and take them.)
Buy your Balsa and Timber wood from your fellow inmates, as breaking into cells and stealing from desks gets the guards on your tail pretty fast as each cell in this prison has it's own security camera. Take your time, and build up your stats as far as you can.
Once you're ready for escape, simply equip your Plated Inmate Outfit and your weapon, have your Makeshift Raft, Putty, Molten Plastic, and whatever Medicine you can carry with you, and set off on your killing spree. Try to gather the guards into groups before beating them down, as otherwise they will spread out and wake up before Lockdown is initiated, making this harder on you. I would recommend having everything ready, and waiting until morning (meaning you have a fresh save to load if anything goes wrong) before attempting.
Find the guard with the Red Key, make yourself a Plastic Red Key, and keep the punches rolling until lockdown is in effect. Once you have the notification, run South (Beware the electric fence) and run to the dock on the right of the island. Simply hover over the Makeshift Raft in your inventory, and you'll sail away. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Tastes like freedom!
A video of my escape can be viewed here:

Good luck, and happy Escaping!!
I3EAR iN MiNDAltough the other guide is good too, i must say i found this one to be the most helpfull. Nice work,pal !! +1
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 11 Mar 15 at 18:05
jodiebearsThank you very much! Glad I could help smile
Posted by jodiebears on 17 Mar 15 at 02:34
EnAN0 ERShey man every time i beat up a guard in the jungle, they start to snipe me, so i cant beact my way out.
Posted by EnAN0 ERS on 06 May 15 at 22:26
Opus Taki@Erano. Just take out a lot of guards very quickly -- like in the video. Once the lockdown's in effect there's no sniping. Just make sure you don't run out of time before you get over the finish line.
Posted by Opus Taki on 07 May 15 at 07:56
SkweetisI wish I had read this before trying Irongate. I was getting all clever with the crawlspace, but after several failed attempts with grappling hooks, etc., I just got angry, beat up the guards, and walked out no trouble (I had the raft on me).

It really seems to be as simple as: build a raft, make some keys, beat everyone up.
Posted by Skweetis on 18 May 15 at 19:37
kriegirwhere are the videos!?
Posted by kriegir on 23 Feb 16 at 07:50
jodiebearsRemoved by TA! I'm working on fixing them!
Posted by jodiebears on 23 Feb 16 at 21:15
jodiebearsShould be back up now smile
Posted by jodiebears on 23 Feb 16 at 21:24
xTMx VoytekMaybe worth mentioning 'prison lockdown' and 'prison takeover' are different. You have to KO enough guards to initiate the takeover in some methods you provided because if not, the grey locked doors won't be opened. Great guide though!
Posted by xTMx Voytek on 23 Jan 17 at 06:15
Strategy OneFinal video doesn't work?
Posted by Strategy One on 09 Apr 17 at 11:12
AGGT002links seem to be down
Posted by AGGT002 on 12 Apr 17 at 23:45
LockieGreat guide, definitely don't have the time to work this stuff out myself!

By the way, for San Pacho you can just dig due west under your cellmate's desk, which is probably easier since the guards don't look through the bars for whatever reason.

There's also a common item called Penarium Barrel everywhere, which is worth 2-3 shives of Opinion. I found it very useful for all the prisons. smile
Posted by Lockie on 28 May 17 at 11:01
TubbedPro tip: If the guards start chasing you while you're carrying contraband you can stash it in your desk and they won't take it when they beat you up. Spend your free time in the gym and when the guards are busy at breakfast/dinner/exercise/shower you can ransack the other inmates desks.
Posted by Tubbed on 24 Sep 18 at 02:02
SeitzzAlso I recommend prioritizing wooden supports for the tunnel, I made more tools than I needed, probably could've used mainly trowels and it was taking me days to get the timber. Sometimes it's best to just loot all the desks and then see if anyone's selling, if you don't get 4+ you're better off starting the day again than waiting.
Posted by Seitzz on 25 Nov 18 at 02:46
GameChipmunk452Here's a recommendation:
If you ever get caught with important contraband Reload your save and you will be at the start of the day again from when you slept(if you gained the contraband in that day then you may not be able to find it again unless you saved with the crafting resources before hand via sleeping at night)

If you didn't sleep the previous night(such as you waited until 7:00am to sleep [Sleep times may vary]) then your progress between then and the last time you slept will be lost
Posted by GameChipmunk452 on 18 Dec 18 at 17:07