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Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles

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14 May 2010
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Diaz is a good method, I prefer to do it without the bullets flying and needing to constantly restart though. Not to say it's hard, just annoying. When I was going for this achievement last night, I was also doing Confiscator at the same time.

The key, is to NOT fire a single bullet or even run over a gang member. Just yank them out and drive for a second (was paranoid that not driving for that second doesn't count towards achievement), get out and repeat. The passenger will fire on you of course, but unless another car/gang member is really close, no one else will.

I've actually jacked one car, drove for my second and got out to another one right away. As if the second car didn't even notice the jack.

Again, don't fire a shot and bring attention to yourself. Kind of hard to jack cars when the enemy gets out as soon as they see you from a distance.
Adz j74this works perfectly,just pull em out,drive a couple of feet and look for next one,a little tip that i realised is when looking for gang cars,they appear on your radar as white dots when neutral,when you take the car,any around(but not all the time cos sometimes they seem to not see when you jack their homies)turn red,just helps wen looking for them.
Posted by Adz j74 on 20 Jun 10 at 12:03
GidyupIs this all in one sitting or does it count up over all of the car jacks. It just seems like I've been doing this one forever. :)
Posted by Gidyup on 23 Jul 10 at 14:17
Zer0eIt's definitly over time. When I got mine, I got back into the game after a good year and a half. I just did what I did about 30-40 times it seemed.
Posted by Zer0e on 23 Jul 10 at 14:48
BikerlemonYou have to pull em out of their vehicles or else it doesn't count. I have tried to take this with the Roadkill King achievement and I tried to just ram their vehicle just a little bit and when they get out, I run them over. Done this for more than a hundred times so I've realise that you should actually take them out of their vehicles to count as a stolen car. If they are already out of their car...don't bother.
Posted by Bikerlemon on 03 Sep 13 at 11:33