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Lost Planet 2 achievements

Lost Planet 2

3.2 from 2637 votes

There are a maximum of 50 Lost Planet 2 achievements worth 6,983 (1,000)

48,480 tracked gamers have this game, 130 have completed it (0.27%)

106,053 (71,610)
TA Score for this game: 884
Posted on 15 May 10 at 00:12
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Lost Planet 2 gets alot right but also some quite wrong.
It captures the gameplay and story telling of the first while adding alot more of just about everything. Those that played the first game may understand why that is not entirely a complement.

LP2 like the first game has a number of frustrating gameplay designs that immediately stand out. One being an over reliance on blow back against your character. You can and will be juggled till you die on more than one occasion during the campain. Another, tying in to the first, being the frequency and in the case of water; the randomness ,of instant death falls.

Weapons are NOT balanced, there are a number of mulitplayer bugs/exploits that the vetran LP players will be right at home with. The noobs should be prepared.

The story makes as much sense and is as compelling as the first one. This means unless you are Otaku or somesuch you probably wont care or understand wth is going on(exactly how do creatures that live underground control the weather again?).

Achievements. One word. Dont. Dont pretend you are gonna get them all. You wont. They are just as ridiculous as the first game. Maybe more so. Only the VERY hardcore will complete this set of achievements.

All that having been said the game is still a great coop game. Player matches can be a blast. Riding an Akirid 3 stories high with 5 of your friends on the turrets is frikkin awesome. Merging two of the the games mechs(called VS's in LP universe) together to create a bigger more powerful mech which gets you the Achievement 'Let's Go VS Force!" is all kinds of throwback awesome. Bosses are huge and impressive but cheap as all hell. Environments are beautiful as are most of the effects. There are a TON of unlockables, but once again Capcom chose a very annoying way for you to unlock them. "NO, I DONT want a stupid slot machine style unlock system that coughs up titles and emotes when I desprately want the Gunblade." Is what whoever Q.C.ed this game should have said. Even the campain is made tolerable with 3 friends. Capcom had the right idea with coop but unfortunately implementation is key. Coop is restricted, no drop in/out play. You are fortunate if you find a standby lobby. Even more so if you all speak the same language.

Capcom really needs to pay attention to details of IMPLEMENTATION in the LP series. You wouldnt think this would be a weakness in a game co. that is so well known for AAA titles.

T1M3 i think you're being to hard on it. it's basically the same as the first game but better.
Posted by T1M3 on 16 May 10 at 07:37
Xiao1inSty1e @T1M3 I think Im actually being quite kind. If you want to see some real harsh scores just look at Metacritic.
Posted by Xiao1inSty1e on 16 May 10 at 23:11
Ebon Hawk AU informative but not much of a review... i my opinion it is missing some critical elements a review should contain... no vote for the time being (hoping for an improvement)...
Posted by Ebon Hawk AU on 18 May 10 at 11:12
Leo Ascendent Guess I'll skip on this. Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of the first....
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 19 May 10 at 00:47
Bob Almighty125 You either love it or you hate it.
Personally, I love it, and I don't know of anyone who doesn't.
Try writing a review without bias next time.
Posted by Bob Almighty125 on 18 Jun 10 at 16:50
Xiao1inSty1e Well now you do. I dont love it and I dont hate it. It can be fun and it can be very frustrating. Admitedly the update addressed some issues with the game but the 'cheapness' factor still holds on.
Posted by Xiao1inSty1e on 18 Jun 10 at 18:22
Bone Mosaic Thanks for the heads up on the chievos. I played the first WAY before I even became interested in achievement hunting, now i wish i could delete the game and the tiny score i have for it too. Cheers for the review!
Posted by Bone Mosaic on 02 Mar 12 at 13:54