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Finish 3 consecutive chapters without taking damage

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07 Mar 2015 04 Jul 2015
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**Due to a comment by z 4assed monkey criticizing my choice of words in my original solution, this solution was edited on 7/4/2015**

This really isn't a difficult achievement. It is easiest to do the achievement on either Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, or chapters 1-3. Chapter 4 and chapter 6 both have areas where you are likely to take damage from smoke/fire, so the early chapters are the best place to complete three consecutively without taking damage.

Play on easy and basically just take a stealth approach. The enemies are far less observant than on the other difficulty levels. Save often and load your save if any soldier has a red eye over their head, because this indicates you are going to be attacked, and you will likely take damage. Also, (obviously) load your save if you take damage from anything else. It may be a good idea to check your health level before saving.
Timww572You can do this on any three levels, there isn't any mandatory damage. If you don't move fast enough you will take smoke/fire damage, but you can move fast enough to avoid it.
Posted by Timww572 on 25 Jun 15 at 18:14
z 4assed monkeyChapter 4 and chapter 6 both have areas where you take mandatory damage from smoke/fire

"Mandatory damage" is a poor choice of words here. Certainly the risk of damage in those chapters is much higher, but it is not scripted damage. It is avoidable, as demonstrated by the fact that most people probably incorporate the No Damage modifier in their Custom-700 difficulty run, as I did.
Posted by z 4assed monkey on 04 Jul 15 at 13:33