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Everything beaten, everything unlocked, everything earned

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16 May 2010 20 Feb 2011
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Everything beaten. I'm sure you can figure out what that means.

But let's take a closer look at what is required.

- 33 Team Challenges (Some of these are included in categories as below)
- 9 Deathraces
- 12 Film Challenges
- 20 Hall of Meat Challenges
- 11 "Own The Lots"
- 16 "Own The Spots"
- 18 Photo Shoots
- 19 Pro Challenges
- 20 Team Promos
- 18 Contests (9 Street, 9 Tranny)
- 16 Training Levels (Coach Frank AND skate.Park tutorials)

So, everything then. In playing this game, you'll be looking towards completing all the challenges - this achievement is simply your reward.
The game allows you to complete them in any order you choose - although some must be unlocked by certain events first.

Part of the requirement is also to "Unlock Everything", but by completing all of the challenges you'll gather more than enough board sales, and complete every item's associated challenge.

Most importantly:
You must Own each challenge (that is open to Own) in order to pass it. Killing it is 'going the extra mile', but is not required for this achievement. You only need to kill challenges for the Mass Murderer achievement.

Any questions, problems you face or anything I've missed, leave a comment and I'll work on it.
- Credit to Doc Buddha
Rocker JdDo you know if you will have unlocked all the boards, shoes, clothes ect. by the time you get this achievement t?
Posted by Rocker Jd on 17 May 10 at 14:41
AbylitiesIt's a requirement mate. But, board sales and completing individual challenges directly influence all of the items (as there is no literal currency). So, by completing every challenge, you're obtaining all the items.
Posted by Abylities on 17 May 10 at 14:44
Doc Buddhayou're actually duplicating some stuff in your list above - a lot of the 33 team challenges also fall under other catagories i.e. some of them are team deathraces that are included in the total of 9, same for some of the comps, photos & films.
Posted by Doc Buddha on 20 May 10 at 15:28
AbylitiesDuly noted, didn't want to forget about all those lovely filming challenges.
Posted by Abylities on 20 May 10 at 15:30
Chris Of The UKits odd im still working towards this but when i check the and it says i still only have 11/12 training missions. hope its not a glitch =[
Posted by Chris Of The UK on 21 May 10 at 01:10
The Drumber 1I'm a little confused, is this just single player stuff? Or do you have to find a team?
Posted by The Drumber 1 on 02 Jun 10 at 09:42
AbylitiesThe career objectives can all be done single player. You can however, complete a lot of these with others.
Posted by Abylities on 02 Jun 10 at 10:16
GammyGreenGiantlengthy, fun and frustrating achievement
Posted by GammyGreenGiant on 22 Jan 11 at 19:14
SA1NT JACOBI'm stuck on the the malloof cup one cuz i can't back flip for some reason
Posted by SA1NT JACOB on 06 Jan 12 at 00:50
loziraptorthis achievement is glitched for me, the in game stat says i have beaten everything (100% on both career and challenge progression) yet this hasn't unlocked, any ideas?
Posted by loziraptor on 31 Aug 12 at 21:46
NaywynJIf you own any DLC do you have to complete them as well?
Posted by NaywynJ on 09 Oct 18 at 06:00