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Can't Touch This

GTA Online: Complete a Heist Finale without taking any damage.

Can't Touch This0
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10 Mar 2015 22 Feb 2017
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Got this achievement on the first heist finale The Fleeca Job.

I was using the drill and my friend was the driver on crowd control.

When the alarm went off my friend who was playing crowd control, got into the Armoured Karin Karuma on the passenger side and left the passenger door open.

Once I finished drilling the depository box I quickly ran to the car and got in via the passenger door.

We then drove all the way to the part where the Cargobob picked us up and we got the achievement when the mission ended.

If you're still having trouble feel free to use this as a reference. I was helping a friend get the achievement a while ago.

MAST3R SHAKE04This is how I got it too. I didn't even duck; I think as long as you're in the car the armor protects you or maybe I just got lucky. My friend did get shot once as the cops showed up though, so if you are the getaway driver you probably want to make sure you are in the car before the cops get there.
Posted by MAST3R SHAKE04 on 12 Mar 15 at 16:45
Chief AttilaI got it too on the First Heist Finale.
i was the driver in this finale.

As soon the alarm comes on - run to the car and step in. I think you cant get hit in the armored car. After the cargobob picks u up. the achievement pops
Posted by Chief Attila on 13 Mar 15 at 13:08
Noob Reckeron the 2nd heist, choose to be the demolition, and its a cake walk. After you take the bus and destroy it, get in the buzzard and blow up the jets chasing the plane. then fly to the beach, pick them up, go towards the city, and then its over. Good luck!
Posted by Noob Recker on 14 Mar 15 at 19:40
Hirsute DaveI didn't duck either - getting to the car quick seems to be the key. If you can get to it before the cops arrive they can't hurt you.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 15 Mar 15 at 13:24
BabyishDuckI don't think you need to duck since the car is bullet proof. I was ducking when I first did it, just wanted to make sure.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 17 Mar 15 at 21:41
SaDi5TiKDoes everybody involved in the heist need to not get hurt? It seems like I've beat both Fleeca Job and Prison Break (as the pilot) without taking damage yet I didn't get it to pop.
Posted by SaDi5TiK on 22 Apr 15 at 06:28
Kerman7May be worth adding that you probably cannot fail the mission either, on top of not losing health. After completing the Fleeca for the first time and not getting the chieve we were wondering why and assumed it was because it restarted after my team mate had accidentally killed a witness inside. Got it later when we ensured we did the job without any reload of a checkpoint. Maybe someone could confirm.
Posted by Kerman7 on 08 Jul 15 at 12:12
zoidberg1339I have definitely been shot in an armored Kuruma before, although I don't think that's much of a concern as long as you have a good driver that doesn't get hung up on the roadblocks.

Ducking is still probably a good idea, although I got this achievement the first time I ever played the Fleeca finale and I didn't duck.
Posted by zoidberg1339 on 22 Sep 15 at 05:03
FuzzedUpCookiei dont see it mentioned but even with armor on you can't get hit.. i did the fleeca job finale as the driver (random was the host) and soon as he was done drilling i ran to car and pressed cn_Y to get in but during the getting in animation i got hit once (no life was taken though) but the achievement did not pop sadly .... maybe worth mentioning (or not, idk as i'm new to the game but this is what i noticed)
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 22 May 16 at 23:43
I TRU RELIG1ONGreat guide did it tonight with random and he popped the achievement 1st try. So thumbs up from me and thankyou.
Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 25 Sep 16 at 04:44
BabyishDuckNo problem, I got this first try as well with a friend.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 25 Sep 16 at 07:54
CRUX18I just done this on PC, I ducked the whole way while driving the car. Yes you can duck while driving but your steering is slightly impaired.
Posted by CRUX18 on 03 Aug 18 at 14:01
An Amish WomanThis achievement is super super hard. Cant seem to ever get it
Posted by An Amish Woman on 15 Aug 18 at 06:10