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Solo Challenge: Elemental

As an individual, kill 40 Gunkers using the One-Handed Dragon.

10 Mar 2015 until 17 Mar 2015

Solo Challenge: Elemental
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10 Mar 2015 10 Mar 2015 10 Mar 2015
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Gunkers are easily identified by the white/blue colour, the red gas canisters lodged into their backs, and their ice projectiles.

I completed this challenge by doing the mission "Getting the Band Back Together". Also ensure that you have the "Second Amendment" amp enabled for the One-Handed Dragon.

While you are towing Wendy's boat with the harpoons (near the beginning of the mission), your character will yell "Gunkers!" as 3-4 spawn. You may need to kill 2 before another 2 spawn.

When you are certain no more gunkers will spawn, let the OD kill you, and you will respawn... for your character to shout "Gunkers!" again, and the 3-4 gunkers will respawn. Make sure to kill yourself before Wendy's boat reaches the dock!

Rinse and repeat; it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.
Brief video guide:
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UltraAmoeba Cheers for clearing this up. I kept mistaking them for Blowers!
Posted by UltraAmoeba on 10 Mar 15 at 23:06
K3rd B3rglar This was really helpful, got it in less than 15 minutes!
Posted by K3rd B3rglar on 12 Mar 15 at 16:26