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GTA Online: Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist.

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Hirsute DaveHirsute Dave252,251
11 Mar 2015 12 Mar 2015
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To pop this one you'll need to be the heist leader of any heist after your first attempt at "The Fleeca Job".

The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way I've found to do this is to simply call Lester once you've finished the first heist (you many need to wait up to an hour real-time) and request to replay the same heist. It'll only cost you $11,500 and you only need one other person.

The achievement should pop as soon as you start the heist.
JappeYou need to wait before you can play it again. And you don't need to play Prison Break "multiple times"... You just need to start it and pay the $40k which isn't much if you want to do all of the Heists anyway
Posted by Jappe on 11 Mar 15 at 20:14
Hirsute DaveYes you do need to wait but you need to wait a little while after completing the Fleeca job before you can launch the Prison Break anyway.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 12 Mar 15 at 04:35
JappeWe got the Prison Break instantly after Fleeca Job. Just called Lester and paid him for any of his services (remove wanted level etc.) and he called back instantly with the Heist.
Posted by Jappe on 12 Mar 15 at 06:45
WeighingBruteThis achievement seems to be glitched I hosted 2 heists and didn't unlock the achievement did fleeca and prison break got nothing any ideas
Posted by WeighingBrute on 17 Jul 15 at 22:14
RotcatHow you can setup/ create a heist?
Posted by Rotcat on 11 Jan 17 at 18:06
Hirsute DaveOnce you own a high-end apartment you'll get access to the heist setup board in a special room (you should see a large green H on the map). The in-game tutorial will guide you from there.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 13 Jan 17 at 00:42
RotcatOoohhh thanks!
Posted by Rotcat on 16 Jan 17 at 06:12
LeiChatWhat's the cheapest high-end apartment please?
Posted by LeiChat on 12 Dec 19 at 17:31
Hirsute DaveDel Perro Heights IIRC, for about 200K
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 14 Dec 19 at 12:18