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Can't Touch This

GTA Online: Complete a Heist Finale without taking any damage.

Can't Touch This0
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Noob ReckerNoob Recker240,658
14 Mar 2015 17 Mar 2015
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on the 2nd heist (Prison Break) choose to be the demolition, and its a cake walk... After you take the bus (Kill the driver) and then go to the yellow dot and destroy it... get in the buzzard down the road, but there is two enemy's guarding it , so either use a sniper of park your car close and use it for cover to kill them...get in the Buzzard and wait to blow up the jets chasing the plane your team mate is in...then fly to the beach after the plane lands to pick up the rest of the team...Follow them, then pick them up (land nice and soft on the beach with the yellow dot)...after you pick them up, go towards the city, and its over. Good luck!