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Smarter than the Smarties

Beat game on Extreme difficulty

Smarter than the Smarties0
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21 Mar 2015
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I used this speedrun to help me beat the game on extreme

A couple of things to note...

1. Extreme forces you to use Hard Pogo
2. He uses a glitch trick to skip some rocks in the Mine & the door blocking the Moon (because he's speedrunning the game)
I've found that on the Xbox 360 version it DOES work, but the rocks respawn... Because there are several you have to glitch away in the Mine stage, I can NOT get it to work (but it might still be possible), but Because there is only 1 on the Moon it worked easily. But it's not a visible change, you have to walk up to it to check.
3. He does not get the 5th heart container because it was too far out of the way,
I DID lol, I used RAINKINGX1's video to remember where it was in Transylvania & did that level right after the Himalayas so I had all 5 right away, I didnt make it a point to get EVERY free man, but I did get 1 or 2 he didnt, like the one in the pre level, just because I was standing right by it.

4. I did not use ANY of the suicide strats he uses, because I was not in a hurry, each one only saves 1-3 minutes anyway.

Video credit to AGDQ & Satoryu links to both their official pages can be found on the video.