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Last Stand Completionist

Complete all maps in "Last Stand" game mode on Rookie or Normal difficulty

Last Stand Completionist0
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That SAM GuyThat SAM Guy138,758
18 May 2010
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Thanks to this video guide I was able to do all maps of last stand on realistic solo. Thanks to Tyger7 at x360a for creating these videos.


1. I did like the guide instructs and used all gadget upgrades on uniform. It worked well when not getting shot.
2. A few levels required a few tries to for me to find the proper position or where the enemy saw and killed me because of stupid mistakes I made.
3. Don't worry about the emp. Even if it gets below 25. When you die and retry it will be back at 100.
4. You only have to do waves 15-20 for this achievement.
NorrisMMI found myself dying about every other wave (On realistic) but it did make quick work of some of the more difficult maps while solo
Posted by NorrisMM on 21 Dec 10 at 20:01