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True Dedication

All Goal attacks must be unlocked and every goal for every race completed.

True Dedication0
5 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
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07 Jan 2009
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Here is a complete list so you can see if you have all of them unlocked before you start.

Ordered Races (38)
--Hollywood Area--
-Around Hollywood
-Central LA Showdown
-Century City Jumps
-Fairfax and Sunset
-Hollywood Drifts
-Laurel Canyon Run
-MacArthur Cut
-Old Hollywood Shortcuts
-Sunset and Vine
-Sunset River Run
-Valley Freeways
-Welcome To Hollywood
-West LA Challenge
-Wilshire Blvd.
-Wilshire Sprint
--Santa Monica Area--
-Beaches and Beverly Run
-Ocean to LA River
-Old Route 66
-Sand and Surf
-University Cut
-Westside Ride
-Westwood and Brentwood
--Downtown Area--
-4th Street Meet
-Civic Center Race
-Downtown to Pier
-Downtown Tour
-Downtown Vistas
-Figueroa and Grand
-Rags to Riches
--Hills Area--
-Hollywood, Valley and Beaches
-Mulholland and Beverly
-Mulholland Drive East
-Mulholland Drive West
-River Valley
-Up and Over Coldwater
-Ventura Finish
-Ventura Loop

Circuit Races (18)
--Hollywood Area--
-Century Mall
-Hollywood and Downtown
-Laurel Canyon Loop
-Theater Circuit
-University Loop
--Santa Monica Area--
-California Incline Loop
-Santa Monica Loop
-Under the 405
--Downtown Area--
-6th St.
-Downtown Freeway Loop
-LA River Run
--Hills Area--
-Coldwater Canyon
-Studio Hills

Unordered Races (6)
--Hollywood Area--
-Hollywood Shuffle
-Studio Shuffle
--Santa Monica Area--
-Beach Blitz
--Downtown Area--
-Downtown Freeway Frenzy
--Hills Area--
-Drift and Conquer
-Ventura Shuffle

Landmark Races (12)
--Hollywood Area--
-Hollywood to the Pier
-Hustle to the City
-Sunset to the Hills
-Sunset to the Promenade
--Santa Monica Area--
-Beach to the Hills
-Incline to the Cathedral
-Pier to the Chateau Marmont
--Downtown Area--
-6th St. to the Hills
-Downtown to Sunset Music
-Wilshire to the Georgian
--Hills Area--
-Hills to Century City
-Sepulveda to 4th Street
Dexter SkelterThx, great list.
Posted by Dexter Skelter on 05 Apr 09 at 02:50
OlsAbsss xi cant unlock under the 405 circuit race anyone got any tips?
Posted by OlsAbsss x on 08 Jun 09 at 19:28
CheezbrgrHave you completed the main career and all time trials etc?
Posted by Cheezbrgr on 08 Jun 09 at 21:55
Licked ScarsIf Studio Hills isn't showing up in your list then you need to go beat Andrew in the Hills on his motorcycle. None of his races are Studio Hills, but immediately after beating him the race will unlock in Goal Attack anyway.
Posted by Licked Scars on 13 Oct 10 at 18:56
GsA UnReaLiZeExcellent. I dont see any reason for a negative vote. thumbs up
Posted by GsA UnReaLiZe on 28 Mar 11 at 14:44
lowrida1987I only need the 3 downtown landmark races but there not unlocked. what do I have to do?
Posted by lowrida1987 on 04 Apr 11 at 10:00
Majlo49 SVKI also need 3 downtown landmark races same as lowrida1987 how can I unlock them?
Posted by Majlo49 SVK on 15 Apr 11 at 18:33
Legit SpamDamn this is one boring ass achievement! Been on it forever, down to 17 left & still can't bring myself to finish today! Try to have fun guys & also, let's spam Rockstar with e-mails asking them to not put these goal attacks in the sequel.... More variety in the story line would be better!
Posted by Legit Spam on 30 Apr 11 at 20:40
BENEY BOII've completed them all but i haven't received the achievement. Anyone got any solutions or tips? Thanks!
Posted by BENEY BOI on 02 Jun 11 at 22:26
XLambentZerkerXIf I may ask, like two of the people before, how do you unlock the downtown landmark races?
Posted by XLambentZerkerX on 03 Jun 11 at 20:47
NasriL11Woah, people are still playin' this!

Good luck to those gettin' it

I gave up on this
Posted by NasriL11 on 05 Jun 11 at 04:55
FFX BrotherhoodI'm working towards this now :3 best advice I can give is check you have all the races... Use the Last bike ( I have no idea what it's called and do it up to Level 3 ) and just get A load of energy drinks and sit there and blitz them down. :3 I have 3 quarters done in two days :D
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 03 Jul 11 at 19:39
TimutimuOk we got the list, but this doesn't give advice on best method for achieving. I don't need to hear, "just practice", blahblah, because that's redundant info. What is the best vehicals, set ups, driving styles, etc????
Posted by Timutimu on 15 Aug 11 at 01:36
SzilardUK@timutimu: I have done the goal attacks with the bigger Ducati (i think it's called 1009 or something) fully upgraded. Apart from that, the only advice is.... practice.
Posted by SzilardUK on 15 Sep 11 at 10:43
Fire Hawk DYeah, I'd like a list of tips for each race, shortcuts, strategies, etc. A list of the races isn't very helpful, is it?
Posted by Fire Hawk D on 28 Oct 11 at 01:09
DragonCrusaderVLandmark races are the most annoying! you need to know shortcuts and strategies for those, i have completed only 1 of the landmark races which is beach to the hills (first goal attack completed since i know a shortcut) and everything else. Also if you like completed the game not 100% but beat the city champ and all the other champ and get the garage and currently at 68% completion in storyline does that mean that you unlock every single race?
Posted by DragonCrusaderV on 23 Dec 11 at 02:34
DragonCrusaderVoh yeah good place to start working on your 5k miles achievement, i cant think of anything to do since the last time trial (beaches) wont unlock and i want the 5k. The goal attack counts toward the 5k miles even if you restart.
Posted by DragonCrusaderV on 23 Dec 11 at 02:36
Flopsy86For those who can't find the 3 Downtown Landmark Races. I found that looking for a Red Light Race in the Downtown area unlocks all 3. It usually spawns on Flower St or North Figueroa. You don't even need to win or race back, just need to finish the race. Found this info on x360a forums
Posted by Flopsy86 on 28 May 12 at 00:37
Flopsy86Also the above method works with all the landmark races for a particular area, you just need to spawn a red light race in that area. Hollywood: Sunset Boulevard; Hills: Ventura Boulevard or 101 freeway; Beeches: Ocean Ave or 3rd/4th St; South Central: Crenshaw Boulevard. Also found on x360a forums.
Posted by Flopsy86 on 28 May 12 at 00:40
LuckyKantGreat tip Flopsy. Many thanks
Posted by LuckyKant on 12 Aug 13 at 11:06
morphable freaki suck at the unordered races i hate those
Posted by morphable freak on 05 Sep 13 at 04:20
LuckyKantI have just uploaded maps of all the unordered and landmark races. Go here to see it.

I hope it helps.
Posted by LuckyKant on 05 Sep 13 at 12:03
morphable freakthanks for the maps it's more than anyone else has done for this game on the whole internet
Posted by morphable freak on 05 Sep 13 at 23:37
LuckyKantLol, I could not even find a video to use.

If it helped you, please give it a positive so we can get the maps at the top for everyone to use.

Posted by LuckyKant on 05 Sep 13 at 23:45
darkavenger786If you people are having trouble winning the races with a car, try the Kawasaki Ninja Motorbike. I'm finding it really easy to win the races with it.
Posted by darkavenger786 on 23 Jan 14 at 00:22
xDANGEROUSCATxit unloked for me ive done what Flopsy86 posted above when i saw the racer ive got a message that i found a new red light racer and the races are now on my list
Posted by xDANGEROUSCATx on 03 Mar 14 at 00:37
Flopsy86Glad to see what I posted has helped people! Thanks for the feedback :)
Posted by Flopsy86 on 03 Mar 14 at 10:37
xDANGEROUSCATx-6th St. to the Hills
-Downtown to Sunset Music
-Wilshire to the Georgian
this races opened for me when i found a red light racer on Flower St thanx wery much Flopsy86 my last 2 days was a nightmare unlocking those 3 races i tried everyhing
Posted by xDANGEROUSCATx on 03 Mar 14 at 13:55
UKz Nugget Boiithanks Flopsy86
Posted by UKz Nugget Boii on 07 Jun 14 at 16:45