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Take out five enemy players in one match.

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18 May 2010
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I used both Lucas & Chris' solutions to gain the achievement.

I plugged in a 2nd pad and started a 2-player Local Game. Main profile as Player 1. Setup the maximum games (5) and on your MAIN profile keep upgrading your Attack & Midfield as much as it'll allow. Play each match and pick up as much money as you can for your main profile (allows further upgrades). The first 3 games I managed to injure the opposition, but until I'd maxed out the stats of my Attackers & Midfielder's, I couldn't damage them enough in the time alloted.

Once I got to the 4th Match, my Attackers AND Midfielder's had maximum stats (200 from what I can remember). During the 4th game I used Chris' solution of simply running directly at the GK, Tackling their Centre Forward & Centre Midfielder. Their CF went off injured before half-time. Their CM went off JUST after half-time. Their GK went with around 60 seconds of 2nd half left, then straight from KO their MR got injured (presumably by my AI Team-mates). Finally, their replacement CF was injured with 32 seconds remaining.

The best advice I can give is to upgrade as MUCH as possible as quickly as possible (might be worth using the first 3 games to gain as much cash as possible, without it you can't upgrade, and won't do enough damage without upgrading).

It was much easier than I thought and took about 10-20 minutes maximum.

Thanks to both Lucas & Chris for their solutions, without them I wouldn't have been able to finish the achievement as i've tried before.

Good luck to anyone who goes for it! ;-)
Chris8875Great work mate - good solution and glad I was able to help in some way. I've got to try and finish the Knockout season ... have to get back into this game again very soon
Posted by Chris8875 on 14 Jul 10 at 02:06
KILL KR4ZYI know the feeling. Just got the Regular Season to play. Top of D4 by a long way in 1st Season. The guides were so damn helpful as I just couldn't seem to take all 5 out, got stuck on 4 every bloody time! Couldn't put my own solution up without giving you and Lucas credit, would hardly be fair! Thanks alot though!
Posted by KILL KR4ZY on 14 Jul 10 at 10:47