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Better Than Money

Purchase 5 items from the black market

Better Than Money0
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25 Mar 2015 25 Mar 2015
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This solution is only for those that have imported a save and have the achievement in the 360 version. Fast travel to Sanctuary and purchase an upgrade from the black market once and it should unlock.

For those just starting on the One: collect eridium in chests around the game and use it to buy upgrades. The black market is located near Moxxi's bar.
R3f1CuLthis is very odd... its almost like my saves didnt carry over from borderlands 2 correctly as far as easily getting achievements.. .but i seemed to get one of everything in the presequel and unlocked that... dunno gonna wait and see if this update clears up the inconsistency as far as getting these achievements goes, because i did get some on borderlands 2 just by loading up my game or getting 1 of something but not all, but long story short i can vouch for this being authentic at least partially as a solution
Posted by R3f1CuL on 27 Mar 15 at 10:16
MochakaaStuck on "Done! Unlocking" for me
Posted by Mochakaa on 04 Apr 15 at 00:26
Darth Hawk CZDamn, I'll have to start a new save, I have already bought all upgrades in the X360 version.
Posted by Darth Hawk CZ on 03 Nov 16 at 13:15