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Come One, Come All

Kill four Taken with a single shot from the flaregun.

Come One, Come All0
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Dreadful DadDreadful Dad515,852
19 May 2010
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You can do this as soon as you get the flare gun. small group of three take show up run past them and one more shows up get them close to each other and blow them away....
xCHRONIC KAOSxstar killer i dont know why u got 1 negative vote! because i was going to put the same solution up. I have done so many achievs on the prolouge level. I gave u thumbs up cause it works.
Posted by xCHRONIC KAOSx on 21 May 10 at 14:10
spletchieGreat solution - I can only think it may have gotten neg votes because you didn't specify where it is you first get the flare gun - regardless, it worked like a charm for me!
Posted by spletchie on 26 May 10 at 20:30
risselessWhat Episode/Chapter is this on? Seems like a great place to do it.
Posted by risseless on 04 Jul 10 at 06:49
risselessNevermind, I found it. It's in the first chapter of the first Episode. You get the flare gun right after you're shown how to use the flashlight and gun. Worked great. Thanks.
Posted by risseless on 04 Jul 10 at 07:08
xkikicakesxIt's a pain for me to try getting them all to group together. They keep spreading out and then I end up killing all but one.
Posted by xkikicakesx on 06 Jun 11 at 00:21
thanatos8285Either it glitched in my favor or you don't have to actually kill 4, just hit them. I got the 4 from this spot semi-grouped together, shot a flare directly into the ground, and it only took out 2 of them, but I got the achievement. All 4 were affected, it was enough to drop the shields on the other two, but I still had to finish them off with a second shot.
Posted by thanatos8285 on 18 Jul 20 at 17:58