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This is the power of Sparda!

Complete Vergil's downfall on Vergil Must Die difficulty

This is the power of Sparda!+0.4
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28 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2015
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Persistence is the key for this achievement. This is not a full guide, just a heads up on a couple of the more difficult areas. First off, there are only 2 Imprisoner fights. One at the end of mission 4, and the other at the end of mission 6. During both fights other enemies will spawn around them, making it more difficult/infuriating. I'd recommend stocking up on Large Vital Stars, as the Imprisoner fight at the end of mission 6 is especially trying. I believe there are 2 flying demons with him. Can't remember their name but they pierce through the air with their swords and are blue in color. Take them out first or be prepared to be retrying a lot. After they are removed, the fight with the Imprisoner becomes MUCH easier, and is just a matter of using spiral swords (hold x with full DT) demon sword (RT plus Y). The other fight that can be a pain is the Hollow Vergil boss fight on mission 5. Oh boy. Again, have Large Vital Stars ready and maybe a couple gold orbs. If you want a sure fire way to parry his attacks, jump in the air and use LT+B to throw the circular saws and stun him. Once stunned, pull him towards you and use RT+Y to hack him with demon sword. Once he goes into the background get ready for intensely fast swords surrounding you. Have your finger always on LB. 1, 2 dodge. 1, 2 dodge. You will learn the pattern quickly but you have to be much faster that even Son of Sparda mode. He also casts them for much longer. During the fight he will go into the background twice casting the swords. After he reappears just keep using LT+B to stun followed by the RT+Y and you will prevail. Another good tip is to jump then once in the air mash LB to teleport even higher, then hold RT+B to slam him from above with fire and force. The rest of the game is just a matter of a few more difficult arena fights that most anyone will prevail at with a little persistence. Hope this helps someone, and it's just a lill heads up about what to expect. Thanks!
andrew 290000If people are having a really hard time with the imprisoner fights they can simply kill all the other enemies and then dodge while using the basic throwing knife attack, it takes a little longer but you are much less likely to be hit and die right before beating them.
Posted by andrew 290000 on 08 Oct 16 at 19:42
MorbidEclipse24A big tip on top of these. Throughout the other missions keep an eye for ledges and simply knock them up with B then doing the regular Y attacks (Y Y Y) and it knocks them off and instantly kills them. Helps to get through the enemies fast. Use the RT-X to stun the shielded enemies to knock them off. For most other enemies the RT-X attack to pull them in followed by some quick RT-Y attacks or standard attacks work great. Every time you pull them in it stuns them for a moment. So spamming that works pretty well. Good luck!
Posted by MorbidEclipse24 on 24 Aug 19 at 10:17