Lost Planet 2 Review by FUSION CHA0S

19 May 2010
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I mostly bought this game for campaign. And i got to say after beating all the campaign modes in 31 hours. It was the best 31 hours ever!!! The boss battles are more intense and satisfying than gears of war 2 (do to the fact i dont have any other game that intense boss battles.) The 4 player coop and putting bots in when needed was a definite plus. Though i did find that the bots became really useless in some parts of the game. Vast of weapons and grenades, not including all the emotes and titles you can unlock also. I have yet to play the first lost planet, but im sure this game satisfies all its needs.

Playing this game in 5.1 surround sound is the best sound i have ever heard in a game. You literally hear every noise that is going on around you. Graphics are decent in this game. The environment was really nice but ive seen better. I did enjoy the boss battle environment, it made you look like you where really small compared to the environment/boss.

The very first time i went into a player match i got constantly grenade spammed. I literally couldn't move without getting grenaded. I tried joining a new game...same thing happened. I did liked the VS's that made it feel like i was playing mechassualt again. One of the best xbox games i loved playing. Though you cant customize an VS's, you can attach a wide variety of weapons to it. Many game types to choose from, but only stuck with team death match. Also included which i have yet to get into was faction. 3 different places where you can choose what race you want to be. I am to presume within those races, you play gametypes, and if you win your race gets a win or a loss. Which means its a win or a loss to you and anybody else thats in that race during a 3 day period, then it resets and you choose another race.

Besides all of the above, customizing your character is fun, lots of body parts to choose from. Including all the unlockable characters you can have from other games, like marcus fenix, and dom from gears, or from resident evil, dead rising, and the list goes on.

By all means i would give this game a 9/10, but multiplayer let me down a bit so im giving it an 8/10.
Bob Almighty125I'd like to see why this has five thumbs down; it's a solid review.
Posted by Bob Almighty125 on 18 Jun 10 at 16:52