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Perfect Coordination

Perform all of the special Triple Rush attacks.

Perfect Coordination0
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02 Apr 2015
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EmporerDragon has a great solution, but for some the achievement may glitch out due to how the game requires the user to sign-in during the game. If the glitch happens and you are stuck at 98-99%, you can still get the achievement, but it will require some major replaying. To get the achievement, you must delete your save file from all sources (restarting the game from scratch) and must unlock all the characters again. Deleting the save file resets the progress of the achievement in the Achievement App, which makes you have to redo all the combos again, and since the save file is deleted, most of the characters are locked. Hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone like it did to me, but this is a decent fix if you are a completionist.
SquiggleBucketSay this is my last achievement, apart from the "unlock all achievements" achievement. If it glitched, and I delete everything and reearn this one, will the "unlock all..." one pop too? Or will I have to redo ALL the achievements on the new save file?
Posted by SquiggleBucket on 08 Jul 15 at 06:51
dude1286Yes, the "Unlock all Achievements" achievement unlocked for me this way when I got this one.
Posted by dude1286 on 07 Aug 15 at 15:18
JohnnieMonkeyCan you clarify how the sign-in glitch happens? I know the game makes me sign in again if my controller is disconnected (if I pause for a while, or bump my charger cable). Is it related to that, or something else? I'm nervous about it because my charger cable is a bit loose, and that happens A LOT.
Posted by JohnnieMonkey on 13 Apr 18 at 23:44