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Sore Back

Beat any level without jumping.

Sore Back+0.5
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03 Apr 2015 04 Apr 2015
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Originally posted by me here:

Here's some help to get the elusive "Sore Back" achievement in Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones. The level I found it was possible to pull it off on was level 5-X. This is one of the secret test chambers within the game. You can find it in the main game here:

External image

Once you have it unlocked you are able to replay it as many times as you want through the "Test Chambers" option in the main menu.

Anyway, once you have unlocked the level to play follow this video and you will net yourself 50 gamerscore.

AeronaticsDid exactly like the vid without pushing A for the past hour and doesnt unlock wtfffff im so irritated!
Posted by Aeronatics on 17 Sep 15 at 23:08
MugenKairoJust remember that as long as you don't press jump then even if you die you can keep trying. Just get to the end and it'll pop then,
Posted by MugenKairo on 13 Mar 17 at 23:22