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First Team Regular

As the Lead Profile Complete Challenge Mode Region 6

First Team Regular0
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
20 May 2010 21 Jul 2011
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1. Piece of Cake
5 minutes, amateur
- Score 2 goals with __________
- Win the match in regular time
**Put designated player up front.**

2. Tight Leash
5 minutes, amateur
- Keep a possession percentage of 60% or higher
- This player cannot commit any fouls: __________
**You do not need to win. If you are struggling, put designated player up front, and keep the ball in your defence. You can score multiple own goals to protect possession**

3. Middle Ground
5 minutes, semi-pro
- Score in under 10 minutes with a midfielder
- Complete 20 short passes in the 1st half with __________
- Win the match in regular time
**Before shooting with a striker, press start and change his position to a midfielder. Passing is easier in defence.**

4. The Triad
6 minutes, professional
- Score 5 goals with at least 3 different players
- Complete 25 short passes in the match with __________
- Win the match in regular time
**Start the match with multiple attacking players. Once a player has scored, put that player in defence, or substitute him. Passing is easier in defence.**

5. Pull Your Socks Up
6 minutes, semi-pro
- Score 6 goals with __________
- Get 80% shots on target
- Win the match in regular time
**Avoid shooting from range or difficult angles. Make sure designated player is a striker.**

6. Secret Weapon
7 minutes, professional
- Score 1 goal with a goalkeeper
- Win the match in regular time
**One of the more difficult ones. Get a few goals as a buffer, then try to dribble pass the players with your goalkeeper. You may also want to set your keeper to take freekicks and penalities (if possible)**

7. Not So Bad After All
4 minutes, semi-pro
- Score 1 goal with __________
- Complete 10 successful tackles
- Receive no bookings
**Only tackle with the A button, from the front. Put designated player up front**

8. Human Bullet
5 minutes, professional
- Score 3 goals in under 15 minutes with: __________
- Win the match in regular time
**Put designated player up front**

9. Who Knew He Had It?
5 minutes, professional
- Score 3 goals with __________
- Complete 20 long passes in the 2nd half with __________
**Put designated player up front. Complete the first objective before half time. In the 2nd half, do long passes back to your keeper. If you keeper scores an own goal every time, you can have a cycle of long pass-->own goal-->kick off-->long pass-->etc**

10. Set The Pace
5 minutes, world class
- Score in under 15 minutes with a midfielder
- Commit no fouls
- Win the match in regular time
**Before shooting with a striker, change his position to a midfielder. Only tackle from the front of the opponent, using the A button.**

General rules:
The easiest way to complete all challenges from all regions in the game is as follows:
- Create 11 players with 0 skill - Minimise their height, maximise their weight.
- Create 7 extra goalkeepers - do not change skill - these are substitutes.
- Transfer all players to one team. This is the designated losing team.
- Put all created players in to the starting line up, with the extras as subs.
- Change the formation so that all players are as wide as possible, with an attacking mentality. This will leave massive gaps in defence and midfield.
- Transfer all the best players in the world to one squad.
- Go to My Fifa 08 and save your squad, so you can reload it each time.
- Once you have completed a region, you can then transfer your players to the new designated teams for any particular region.

Complete challenge with __________:
If you do not like the player selected, back out twice (team selection screen) and re-select team.

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