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10 Apr 2015 11 May 2015
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Ok guys.

I don't write guides very often because there are plenty of helpful people on here who usually beat me to it ;-)

This game has only been finished by a fraction of people and it's easy to see why. I finished it today and was the 48th player to do so. As there are no guides for this achievement, I will try my best to explain...

Ok so to get to the general's league you have to progress through the previous leagues leading up to it. Select league in the Xbox Live menu and then search for a game. You have to FINISH 6 games to complete a season. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WIN 6 GAMES. After each game is completed you can see your league stats on the right hand side. With each game finished your points are added. All you need to do is to earn sufficient points to get promoted (usually 80).

Bear in mind that if you eliminate a player you receive 5 points for each elimination whether you win the game or not. If you quit out of a game it does NOT count towards your league stats and basically, the game does not register the loss. Whether this will be patched at some point I do not know, but for now this can be taken advantage off if for example you were on your sixth league game and you need a win to achieve promotion to the next league. For winning a game you receive 20 points and each elimination is added to your total. I managed to get promoted in each league with on average 3 wins. Once you have reached the promotion threshold you can just relax and enjoy the game knowing that it does not affect your score if you lose and you need only finish the remaining games to complete the season.

On the point of finishing games, if people rage quit, they will be replaced by AI. DO NOT WORRY about this. It can be a good thing as the AI is usually pretty stupid and easy to beat. If you eliminate an AI which was a player it still counts towards the eliminate 50 players achievement and also counts as a elimination in the league which will net you 5 points. Even if all players leave apart from you, the game continues with AI and if you win IT ALL STILL COUNTS towards the season.

If you are really struggling finding a game another technique you can use to speed things up is search for a game, which if you cannot join someone else's results in opening your own game. Wait for one player to join. If they press 'ready' press 'A' to start the game. This will launch a 1 v 1 between you with the remaining 3 teams serving as neutral players which do not attack. I found this much quicker and finished a season in under 2 hours using this method. Again, if the player rage quits which they often do, happy days because its just you and with one AI player to beat. You actually don't even have to beat them, you just need to capture 30 territories and you win the game. It is also worth noting that if you eliminate the neutral players they net you 5 points each for an elimination. This really is the easiest and quickest way to finish a league. I had a couple of 1 v 1's where I collected 40 points for winning the game and 4 eliminations.

To begin with matchmaking was terrible but it seems to be getting progressively better as time goes on and the online community increases. One of the hardest challenges as somebody has already mentioned in a guide for a lower tier league achievement, is actually finding a game. Every now and again you will get lucky and find yourself in a full lobby ready to go. But now usually if you are patient you will find a game most of the time. If not refer to my 1v1 method above.

I really hope this helps people as I can see not many have got it yet. Please comment to let me know what you think. I will alter the solution if necessary and am open to suggestions. If you must vote negative, please explain why so I can fix the issue.

Thanks for reading. Happy achievement hunting

EDIT 1: Generals league relegation 0-49 , stationary 50-79 and win the league 80+points
so not 100 needed. Thanks to TNelson1995 for this info.
EurydaceThanks for posting this.
Posted by Eurydace on 10 Apr 15 at 17:58
Daniel GGWPDo you know if you can boost this with other players? like synchronising joining a game?
Posted by Daniel GGWP on 10 Apr 15 at 21:14
Krushner20Daniel , I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure you cannot join a specific game or invite each other to games in season mode. You would probably have to try and press search at similar times or one of you open a game and just hope that you all get put in together. I'm sorry I can't be more help on that, but I haven't tried to boost it so I honestly don't know for sure. If you find out comment here and I will amend the solution. Thanks for your comments guys
Posted by Krushner20 on 10 Apr 15 at 22:14
WiredEvil EyeNice work and thanks for posting.
Posted by WiredEvil Eye on 16 Apr 15 at 12:44
SashamorningYou can boost this, but it's damn hard. Leagues are solely matchmade. If someone else is searching at the same time, you can't avoid them. If they have a lobby open but walked away and aren't starting the game, you can't avoid them. You also can't invite friends.

However, you can still try to match up with friends. It depends on how many people are playing. I double-boxed this achievement, so it wasn't quite so hard to coordinate.

Also, 100 points are needed to win the last table, so basically 4 wins in 6 games.
Posted by Sashamorning on 30 Apr 15 at 19:57
TNelson1995Generals league relegation 0-49 , stationary 50-79 and win the league 80+points

so not 100 needed
Posted by TNelson1995 on 06 May 15 at 02:33
ElyohJust to add to the conversation, matching up with my buddy is nearly impossible. If we're in an empty lobby, we can never find each other. What I've found easiest is to leave both accounts in their own lobbies, and wait for a random to join. I then join that lobby and just wait for that random to get bored and quit out.

Means a lot of patience is needed, but after over 90 minutes simply trying to match each other up, it works well enough for me right now.
Posted by Elyoh on 09 May 15 at 08:55
Krushner20Thanks Nelson I have edited the solution. This is doable without boosting, honestly it didn't take that long. The 1v1 method is really quick if you persevere. Thanks for the comments guys. Just of note, I did not boost at all to complete this game. Cheers
Posted by Krushner20 on 11 May 15 at 19:23
Sence22Thank you for the tip.!
Posted by Sence22 on 09 Jun 15 at 14:18
Shadow 00 FoxIs there an auto-timeout of any sort? I'm wondering, because couldn't you just start the game with people, then just walk away for an hour or two? Come back and finish off the AI? laughlaugh
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 11 Jun 15 at 19:00
Krushner20Haha, I'm pretty sure they have implemented an auto timeout although I'm not quite sure how long it is before its activated. Please don't be one of those people I hate ?? So frustrating when someone does that lol. Thanks for the comments and the votes guys it's all appreciated ????
Posted by Krushner20 on 11 Jun 15 at 22:19
Shadow 00 FoxHey.... I sat there for over an hour and a half watching 3 people go in circles as their armies all built over the 100's... by that time I was ready for ANYTHING else. LOL
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 12 Jun 15 at 06:49
SiegfriedXI'm pretty sure there's no timeout, Me and my friend ganged on a guy and are watching now he move the cursor around for over 30 minutes. Glad we came prepared and are watching series while he does that. laugh
Posted by SiegfriedX on 13 Jun 15 at 03:33
Shadow 00 Fox^^ LOL! :-) I wonder if there's a timeout if your controller goes idle?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 13 Jun 15 at 05:47
SiegfriedXOMG, I just heard that he left from the TV on the other room. He spent 4 hours just trying to block my win. And I was just watching Orange is the New black while this happened. This game is the worse thing I have ever played and it has the worst community I've ever seen. laughlaughlaugh
Posted by SiegfriedX on 13 Jun 15 at 05:48
SiegfriedXI have no idea, but if you're stupid enough to keep moving your thubstick when it's your turn there is no limit on the time. I don't know if he gave up after 4 hours or left his controller and timeouted.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 13 Jun 15 at 06:01
Shadow 00 FoxROTFL!! But, that means that it won't disconnect!! smile Because, you left yours going for 4 hours, your controller MUST have disconnected?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 13 Jun 15 at 09:59
Shadow 00 FoxI might have discovered a stupidly easy way to get this.... laugh
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 13 Jun 15 at 16:30
SiegfriedXI think mine would not disconnect because it was not my turn, so there was no reason for the game to kick me out. I really don't know what happenend, I only can say this: If you keep moving your thumbstick while it's your turn, the game will go on forever...
Posted by SiegfriedX on 13 Jun 15 at 16:40
SiegfriedXWhat Elyoh posted seems to be the best way to do it and it's exactly how it's working with me and my friend. We both make lobbies and then wait for someone to enter. The person that is still alone quits and searches again, usually you will find your friends lobby and then you can try to start the game with 3 people and gang up on the other guy for an easy win (25 points to one of you, 10 points for the other, but you risk getting someone as stubborn as me and having to wait 4 hours laugh) Or you can stay in the lobby until people leave and start the game with only you and your friend, what will make the game put 3 neutral IAs, so someone can kill them all and the other one can conquer 30 territories (this way each of you will get 20 points).
Posted by SiegfriedX on 13 Jun 15 at 16:45
ElyohMy problem now is I can't even find randoms. This is one of the most stupid matchmaking systems I have come across angry Why won't it just let two people find each other???
Posted by Elyoh on 21 Jun 15 at 01:14
Krushner20Its not the best at all in relation to matchmaking...if you can live with playing dirty like that, then fair enough crack on laugh I still stand by what I said regarding the 1v1 method, can finish a game within a few mins or better still the other person gets frustrated, quits then you yake your time and nail all the AI's scooping up loads of points ;-)
Posted by Krushner20 on 13 Jul 15 at 16:48
Mike731Anyone know how long the "season" is? I had 4 games completed haven't been on in a out a week or two erased back to 0. :(
Posted by Mike731 on 24 Sep 15 at 04:11
Shadow 00 FoxSeason's are 6 games long. That's awful about your lost progress--I lost about 2 and a half seasons of progress myself! If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at my solution for a way to easily win your league games.. or play them faster. :-)
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 24 Sep 15 at 04:45
SidTheSlothhYou can't even 1 v 1 the game can't start until atleast 4 players are in the lobby
Posted by SidTheSlothh on 27 May 16 at 15:07
Shadow 00 FoxThe game would start for me with only two people, they just have to ready up. Then it starts a 1v1 with lots of neutral territories
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 27 May 16 at 21:32
Flydog92anybody needing to boost this
Posted by Flydog92 on 15 Apr at 03:35