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Unnatural Selection

Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode.

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The key here is to kill animal species. It's been proved that the four legendary animals are NOT required for this. Also, you do not need to skin the animals, just kill them. I've taken out domesticated animals and put them in a separate group at the bottom.

To find out what you have killed, press Start > Stats > Misc

Bear -Tanners Reach
Beaver - Northeast of the word Cochinay along the river. Also look south of Tall Trees in Bear claw camp (you have to zoom in real close to see the name, below Manzanita post).
Bighorn Sheep - Between Rattlesnake Hollw and Pleasance House
Boar - Can be found in pens at the most Nothern point on the map, in the snow mountains near an abandoned fort there.
Bobcat - Southwest Mexico, go to the bottom left corner of the map; around Escalera and Nosalida. Also found in the Northeastern part of the Great Plains.
Buffalo - Great Plains
Cougar - Southwest of Fort Mercer, Southeast of Repentance Rock
Duck - South of Gaptooth Breach, west of the Scratching Post along the water line. Also found around Lake Don Julio.
Eagle - Tall Trees
Elk - Tall Trees
Fox - Tall Trees and Great Plains
Horse - Wild
Raccoon - Must hunt at night as they are nocturnal, seen around Armadillo and packs in the Great Plains.
Seagull - Near Blackwater, you can hear its distinctive sound
Skunks - Around Armadillo
Snake - Found all over, be sure to listen for the rattle sound.
Vulture - Kill something and they appear flying over the dead animal

Domesticated Animals (not needed for the achievement)
Chicken - MacFarlane's Farm
Dog - At least one in every town
Donkey - Random mexicans riding donkeys
Goat - Mexican towns
Horse - Domesticated

Some info from Reddead Wikia:
The rest from awesome commenters. Thanks!
I Yoshiie I If you could add locations to best find them and you can add something about placing bait at those locations. just to cover all basis for those who can't think for them selfs.
Posted by I Yoshiie I on 22 May 10 at 01:13
Doctor Mantis the only tough one that I still cant find is a duck, i have everything else, could someone list a location that is good for hunting them :(. I am shooting everything out of the sky but so far no ducks.

for the couple odd ones here is where i found them:

seagull - near blackwater town, you can hear its distinctive sound
skunks - i did around armidillo
racoon - must hunt at night as they are nocturnal... i hunted around armidillo but I've seen them all over the great plains at night

everything else u can find pictures on the map for them

so if anyone can please post a location for a duck spawn I would appreciate it
Posted by Doctor Mantis on 22 May 10 at 04:04
MantraPolo Sure, I'll add locations as I find them. Feel free to comment if you know, I'll modify.
Posted by MantraPolo on 22 May 10 at 04:11
SaintRasmus What about Pigs. I shoot a Pig in Thieves Landing(not Boar) Do Pigs not count ?
Posted by SaintRasmus on 22 May 10 at 04:21
MantraPolo Nope, I don't think so... unless it was a Boar.
Posted by MantraPolo on 22 May 10 at 04:26
Doctor Mantis ok, found a duck while looking around for strangers

duck - i killed it south of Gaptooth Breach, to the west of the Scratching Post along the water line

also just make sure to amend to your list:

raccoon - can also be killed in the great plains at night, i saw about 5 or 6 of them out in the fields in one night just passing through

note: just got this achievement to pop I had 1 issue that I hadn't killed a WILD horse, only dosmesticated. your list is accurate the only this is that buck's count as deers if you are using the Stat > misc menu to keep track of what you have killed
Posted by Doctor Mantis on 22 May 10 at 04:42
MantraPolo Awesome, thanks for confirming @tzard. I'll update!
Posted by MantraPolo on 22 May 10 at 14:41
la409pete buck and deer are two different animals.....the bucks have the antler rack and deer do not they both count warned
Posted by la409pete on 22 May 10 at 23:56
LBCeroy Can you do this in free roam? I have all the animals but no buffalo. I cant get them to show up. Is the only way to get the buffalo online by shooting someones mount?
Posted by LBCeroy on 23 May 10 at 00:18
Doctor Mantis another one that was a pain in the ass for a stranger quest til I found a good spot was beavers

beavers - northeast of the word Cochinay along the river
Posted by Doctor Mantis on 23 May 10 at 06:02
DiatomicMaster Does anyone know the best place to find snakes? I've never seen one and I've trekked up and down many times.
Posted by DiatomicMaster on 23 May 10 at 06:44
Undead Immortal Snakes are quite common.. Just listen out for the rattle of it's tail and have a close look nearby
Posted by Undead Immortal on 23 May 10 at 09:14
Doctor Mantis lol i ran over 3 of them unintentionally, i never killed 1 by the time i got achievement. I did find one up north in Hennigan's Stead when I was searching for something else. I've also heard the sound they make around Armidillo. Just ride around these areas and you will hear the rattle when you get too close!
Posted by Doctor Mantis on 23 May 10 at 09:16
Goliath821 The only animal I'm missing is a Bobcat and I'm having trouble finding it. Where did you find your's at?
Posted by Goliath821 on 23 May 10 at 20:51
Blue Harvest 28 There are Pigs and the bodcats are found manly in mexico
Posted by Blue Harvest 28 on 23 May 10 at 21:22
bogeygolf316 Bobcats are in the Southwest of Mexico. Just go to the bottom left corner of the map and start snooping.
Posted by bogeygolf316 on 24 May 10 at 00:35
asotavb by any chance are the ducks on land or in the water?
Posted by asotavb on 24 May 10 at 01:00
ooWoody Another good place to find ducks was the lake right under Coot's Chapel on the map. I was looking for it to the south of Gap's Breach but no luck. As soon as I went to the new lake, heard the quack, shot, and the achievement popped!
Posted by ooWoody on 24 May 10 at 01:06
asotavb is it lake don julio your talking about behind coot's chapel?
Posted by asotavb on 24 May 10 at 01:27
ZAKKE WYLDE Perfect example of how not to make a achievement guide. Missing sheep and pig for one. Does not list that there are some legendary animals {one is a Jaguar} and writer has not won yet of this date. negative sir.
Posted by ZAKKE WYLDE on 24 May 10 at 02:34
MantraPolo @Zakke, thanks for the comment - I'll add the missing animals. As soon as I get the achievement ill be sure you message you to make positive. Its nice to know that me not having the achievement modifies the requirements.
Posted by MantraPolo on 24 May 10 at 03:11
Doctor Mantis @zakke i got the achievement before killing the 4 special animals as I had to do them later going for 100%, so you are wrong they are not required and you should not be so quick to negative unless you are 100% correct.

as for pigs and sheep I did not kill any of those intentionally so unless I killed some accidentally they weren't required either.

You're coming off like a jerk when all Mantra is trying to do is help the community. I was able to get this achievement using this list and the ingame stat -> misc menu to see what I had killed.

just my two cents

and one more thing @ asotavb... one of the last stranger missions after you end the game ( ill try not to spoil anything ) is you will go after someone who is hunting ducks near the river on mexico's border. once the stranger mission ends I still heard and saw all the ducks in the sky and would be perfect for getting a kill
Posted by Doctor Mantis on 24 May 10 at 09:37
Doctor Mantis oh, did you mean bighorn sheep?
Posted by Doctor Mantis on 24 May 10 at 09:45
MantraPolo There are sheep located in MacFarlane's farm, the ONLY location. I already do have Bighorn on the list. Bighorn Sheep and Domesticated sheep could count as the same because you need one of each SPECIES.
Posted by MantraPolo on 24 May 10 at 12:12
bogeygolf316 You dont need pig or sheep. There are 26 animals total required. Look in the stats, not the skinned section but I think under Misc it says animal species killed and lists each species. BTW, I shot 3 ducks in Thieves Landing, right on the main street. Seagulls behind Blackwater, standing on the pier.
Posted by bogeygolf316 on 24 May 10 at 16:48
MantraPolo Thanks for confirming, @Bogey!
Posted by MantraPolo on 24 May 10 at 17:23
Daromar88 Pigs are found in pens at the most Nothern point on the map, in the snow mountains. There is an abandoned fort there, I forgot the name though.
Posted by Daromar88 on 24 May 10 at 21:42
Celtic FC 1088 I got the achievement with killing the following list of animals at least once. Armadillos, Bears, Beavers, Bighorns, Boars, Bobcats, Buffalo, Chickens, Cougars, Cows, Coyote, Crows, Deer, Dogs, Ducks, Eagles, Elk, Foxes, Goats, Hawks, Domestic and Wild Horses, Owls, Rabbits, Raccoons, Seagulls, Skunks, Snakes, Songbirds, Vultures, and Wolves.
Posted by Celtic FC 1088 on 24 May 10 at 22:51
MantraPolo @Celtic, that matches the solution perfectly. If you remember where you found some of the ones I don't have locations for, feel free to comment. Thanks!
Posted by MantraPolo on 24 May 10 at 23:00
Goliath821 I found the bobcat by the northern part of the river where the beavers are.
Posted by Goliath821 on 25 May 10 at 00:53
Celtic FC 1088 Songbirds were the last one that I got, not really a location more you have to pay attention while riding on horseback.

Should find an Eagle when you go up into the mountains on the cliffs
Posted by Celtic FC 1088 on 25 May 10 at 02:13
GMN songbirds are little blue birds , found them all over the map so not one specific place, judging by this guide i only need a bobcat and a duck. (come to think of it i think it was a bobcat that killed me ( does it look like a cougar but with yellow markings?) as that creeped up on me once.

Also does anyone know if you can still explore the map after you finish the very last mission as i have 1 or 2 strangers to meet still, can anyone confirm you still come into contact with strangers after the credits have rolled or do you have to start a completly new game?
Posted by GMN on 25 May 10 at 03:26
Doctor Caligari Can you only get beavers after completing Mexico? If so where? Also I'm having a hell of a time finding cougars (for the Master Hunter challenge). I go to the places on the in-box map and not a one shows up. I have used bait too. Can anyone help?
Posted by Doctor Caligari on 25 May 10 at 04:27
bogeygolf316 Cougars are around Fort Mercer and beavers in Northern Great Plains by the water.
I have trouble believing Goliath821's claim of finding bobcats(mexico) and Beavers(Great Plains) in the same place, but you never know I guess.
Posted by bogeygolf316 on 25 May 10 at 05:37
DeafAtheist If anyone is having a hard time finding Ducks you can wait til the end of the game and when you face Agent Ross as Jack in a duel you'll find Ross duck hunting and there will be like 100 ducks flying above him. Don't get close enough to Ross to engage the cutscene with him and don't fire at ducks over the water since you can't get them out of the water. Aim for ducks as far inland as possible with a low powered rifle like the Carbine Repeater... The Bolt is too powerful as it obliterates small animals.
Posted by DeafAtheist on 25 May 10 at 09:06
RedHoodedMenace OK, just to clear a few things up.

1. I don't know if domesticated animals count. I had them on my list, but they may not be required. No harm in popping them to be safe.
2. I know for a fact that the four legendary animals are NOT required for this.
3. Bobcats can be foundin the northeastern part of the great plains. That is where I killed mine.
And last but not least, the most common mistake of all,
4. I know for a fact that you do NOT have to skin the animal, only kill it. There are six wild animals on my list that I just shot and rode away not so much as even getting off my horse.
Posted by RedHoodedMenace on 25 May 10 at 13:46
MantraPolo Thanks @jpowers
Posted by MantraPolo on 25 May 10 at 14:07
GunnVsTheWorld still cant find that FN duck
Posted by GunnVsTheWorld on 26 May 10 at 06:52
MantraPolo Check the water lines at sun rise. Make sure you have your sound up too so you can hear the quacking.
Posted by MantraPolo on 26 May 10 at 11:46
Avisole Boar and Pig are two different animals. Deer and Buck are also two different animals. I would suggest you separate those.
Posted by Avisole on 26 May 10 at 14:25
MantraPolo Are you sure, Avisole? The achievement does say species.
Posted by MantraPolo on 26 May 10 at 14:42
TarheelTay No mules required, the achieveo just popped without them.
Posted by TarheelTay on 26 May 10 at 15:35
x Foul Mouth x Were do u find owl's
Posted by x Foul Mouth x on 27 May 10 at 15:24
skullsies goats???? fox????
Posted by skullsies on 28 May 10 at 03:28
CaptainAde does anyone know where to find donkeys/mules and if they count towards the achievement?

I only ask as (according to the in-game stats) i've killed at least one of everything, but donkeys arent on the list...
Posted by CaptainAde on 28 May 10 at 11:49
Rhys7891 Bears - loads in Tanners Reach
Cougar - south west of Fort Mercer, south east of Repentance Rock
Dog - at least one in every town
Donkey - You always see random mexicans riding donkeys or you can buy the deed for El Senor from a general store in mexico and shoot it but you'll lose 50 Honor for that.
Elk - all over the place in Tall Trees
Fox - Tall Trees and Great Plains mostly
Goat - Mexican towns
Racoons - the bit about hunting at night is bullshit they're out all the time
Vulture - kill something and they appear flying over the dead animal
Posted by Rhys7891 on 28 May 10 at 13:51
MantraPolo Correct!
Posted by MantraPolo on 28 May 10 at 22:18
Jennawynn I got the achievement with all listed animals, but without shooting a duck.
Posted by Jennawynn on 29 May 10 at 05:43
DeafAtheist Duck was the last thing I needed. I shot one before facing Agent Ross who was duck hunting but he killed me in the duel several times and I got frustrated with it and became so anxious to kill the bastard that I forgot to shoot a duck before I killed him the final time (if you die any animal you killed prior to dying since your last save is lost) The duck was the last animal I needed. As soon as I shot it the achievement popped. The feather plucking wasn't needed, but I did it anyway to make sure it was really a duck I shot.
Posted by DeafAtheist on 29 May 10 at 09:15
MantraPolo Did you kill a duck in Free Roam, Jenn?
Posted by MantraPolo on 29 May 10 at 12:33
sc00termcg33 I couldn't find the duck where indicated here, instead, found them both on the ground, and flying around Lake Don Julio
Posted by sc00termcg33 on 31 May 10 at 19:56
MantraPolo I'll add this, Sc00ter. It also depends on the time of day when you go
Posted by MantraPolo on 31 May 10 at 21:09
McDurbin I didn't find any beaver in Cochinay. I found one south of Tall Trees in Bear claw camp (you have to zoom in real close to see the name, below Manzanita post)
Posted by McDurbin on 31 May 10 at 23:00
MantraPolo You have to look in the morning/afternoon in Cochinay. I'll add your location as well.
Posted by MantraPolo on 01 Jun 10 at 00:58
Larkias I finally found the duck at lake don jillo (whatever it's called). They were flying in the air, so don't worry if you can't see them on the ground. I spent 20 minutes loking on the ground, after killing what I thought were hawks above the lake, but they turned out to be ducks...
I didn't get the achievement, cause it turns out, out of the 250+ horses i've put down, not a single one of them was wild.... =O
But I do have it now :)
Posted by Larkias on 01 Jun 10 at 05:43
Whopdido Good list, got the achievement :)
Posted by Whopdido on 02 Jun 10 at 01:12
MantraPolo Congrats!
Posted by MantraPolo on 02 Jun 10 at 01:25
MantraPolo Hmmm I believe part of the story line in Mexico (Escalera) where you have to kill Vultures. Just keep your eye on the sky for circling birds. Another tactic is to clear out an entire gang hide out during the day. By the time you're done there should be Vultures.
Posted by MantraPolo on 03 Jun 10 at 21:30
Curtieson How many idiots really think a Buck is not a deer? (Hint, the Deer w/o junk on their head also do not have junk between their legs, they are female and called a Doe)

These are the same idiots that think a cow and a bull are not both cattle...

Men, women, are both still humans!!!!
Posted by Curtieson on 04 Jun 10 at 14:03
coffeenebula I got my duck down at the waterline south of Del Lobo Rock around dusk, if that helps anyone.

I nailed the vulture after the Twin Rocks Hideout mission; all those dead bandits attracted a flock, and one was sitting on the ground on a corpse. Easy pickings.
Posted by coffeenebula on 04 Jun 10 at 21:53
ApesAteMyFlesh I'm just enthralled because this helped me finally FINALLY find a damned beaver. Thank you x100,000!
Posted by ApesAteMyFlesh on 06 Jun 10 at 01:48
MantraPolo Awesome! That was the hardest animal for me too.
Posted by MantraPolo on 06 Jun 10 at 13:23
The Major GM sods f*** law that the huge heard of buffalo disappear the instant that it is the last species i need to kill... sons of bitches
Posted by The Major GM on 09 Jun 10 at 11:33
Hells Reborn Just a side note - donkeys, cows, goats and pigs don't need to be killed for this - I got it without killing these animals.
Posted by Hells Reborn on 13 Jun 10 at 19:30
The Nerevarine If you haven't killed an animal, it won't show up in Stats > Misc, also in my game sometimes I wasn't credited with killing birds (sharpshooter challenges), so I had to kill multiple seagulls before I got credit. I actually think it mattered which gun I used, the Bolt Action Rifle in particular seems buggy.
Posted by The Nerevarine on 17 Jun 10 at 00:04
Thanatos860 Just a heads up if you kill the animal and then die, you lose it from your stats so save regularly
Posted by Thanatos860 on 17 Jun 10 at 16:34
MAOraNza Just got it! I made all the list and realized I never killed a wild horse. :| Nice guide!
Posted by MAOraNza on 29 Jun 10 at 13:16
MantraPolo Congrats, MAOraNza!
Posted by MantraPolo on 29 Jun 10 at 13:41
The Killer36 Really helpfull, thanks!
Posted by The Killer36 on 29 Jun 10 at 16:35
MantraPolo Go Oranje, Killer! :)
Posted by MantraPolo on 29 Jun 10 at 16:45
Rusk NUFC I've got this achievement but need 5 skunks for one of the hunter levels. I'm really struggling to find them, looked around Armadillo but no joy. Does anyone have any specific locations or times of day to visit?
Posted by Rusk NUFC on 30 Jun 10 at 09:28
MantraPolo Rusk, you want to look at dusk. There are usually a ton north of Armadill or at the fork west of MacFarlane's.
Posted by MantraPolo on 30 Jun 10 at 13:45
Invader Phlegm A bit of clarification about the list of animals in this solution.

WILD Horses.

I have been trying for so long to get this Achievement, killed everything that moved in the game, and could figure out why the cheevo hadn't popped for me.

Then it finally occurred to me, the list said WILD horses . . . not just horses.

Over the course of the game, I have killed almost as many horses as enemies (killing their horses makes dealing with enemies much easier), but I had never once killed a single WILD horse.

Every time I had come across horses in the wild, I either broke them, or left them alone - never occurred to me to kill any of them - even though I had endless fun making grizzlies, bison and bald eagles the endangered species they are today.

Once I figured out my error, and headed out and killed my first wild horse, the Achievement popped.

So for clarification on this list of animals for those of you who may not be getting this Achievement, but have been trying hard to get it. Make sure you get at least one wild horse in your anti-Peta killing spree across the Old West.
Posted by Invader Phlegm on 06 Jul 10 at 16:55
Carbokris It was the wild horse for me as well.
Posted by Carbokris on 17 Jul 10 at 18:01
I3EAR iN MiND good guide here's a vote
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 09 Oct 10 at 15:44
Legit Spam Thanks, didn't know about the seagulls! Happened to be in Blackwater, turned around, bam seagull, a little deadeye & pop goes the cheevo!!!!
Posted by Legit Spam on 08 Jan 11 at 18:01
MantraPolo Awesome :) Glad you found it!
Posted by MantraPolo on 08 Jan 11 at 19:06
DragonFangDan like the list, was very helpful. didn't need the seagull tho
Posted by DragonFangDan on 01 Feb 11 at 17:06
MantraPolo Thanks!
Posted by MantraPolo on 01 Feb 11 at 17:15
Zombie Deej Thankyou very much! Oh, hunting the elusive duck, sitting by the lake... Waiting patiently, while the sun slowly crawls across the sk- CRAP! The US Marshalls are here! *flail!* ;D
Posted by Zombie Deej on 24 Apr 11 at 22:17
MantraPolo lol
Posted by MantraPolo on 26 Apr 11 at 13:25
The Dark Liege thanks for the list, also i got it without shooting the seagull
Posted by The Dark Liege on 15 May 11 at 07:01
leemeluk1 managed to get this with 26 species killed, but didn't have to kill the duck. Strange achievement.
Posted by leemeluk1 on 11 Jul 11 at 18:22
The Globalizer ^^ Same for me but I didn't have to kill a seagull. Killed a duck in the seagull location and it popped.
Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Jan 12 at 04:12
CASS190684 I got this when I shot a wild horse. My stats have no mention of a duck and I am pretty sure I haven't come across one, letalone shot it. My Misc stats say I have 25 species killed. Seems to be a little random as to when the achievement pops...
Posted by CASS190684 on 04 Mar 12 at 23:49
StanBowles22 Just popped for me I had everything on the list bar an OWL - conclusion the OWL is NOT REQUIRED - Thanks
Posted by StanBowles22 on 06 May 12 at 17:30
MantraPolo Thanks Stan :)
Posted by MantraPolo on 07 May 12 at 13:46
Aldrahn69 I just got this without killing a duck... Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Aldrahn69 on 09 Jun 12 at 10:04

'WILD HORSES' is its own entry!

'Wild animal species' is UNRELATED!
Posted by RSDAY on 14 Jul 12 at 20:27
MantraPolo Thanks, RSDAY
Posted by MantraPolo on 14 Jul 12 at 20:28
Mr XBob I didn't need ducks to get the achievement - I have every animal listed in my kill stats apart from duck, but the achievement still popped!
Posted by Mr XBob on 28 Aug 12 at 13:21
KaronaWeiyran Didn't need the Buffalo or the Donkey for my achievement to pop.
Posted by KaronaWeiyran on 11 Sep 12 at 23:22
Syntr I didn't need any Beavers
Posted by Syntr on 16 Sep 12 at 18:46
Nordegarde I didn't kill any ducks and still got the achievement to pop after, at least, 1 kill from 26 different wild animal species.
Posted by Nordegarde on 22 Jan 13 at 14:51
aTw JellyMan I didnt need to kill the seagull
Posted by aTw JellyMan on 25 Jan 13 at 20:27
KN0WNASS0CIATE Where are the best spots for SONGBIRDS?That's all I need.
Posted by KN0WNASS0CIATE on 28 Jan 13 at 01:17
Solario32 Great guide. I would have never found the duck.
Posted by Solario32 on 09 Mar 13 at 15:15
MantraPolo Thanks!
Posted by MantraPolo on 15 Mar 13 at 17:56
Lucky Conquerer I did not kill an eagle but I still popped. I think if you have killed a jackalope, then that replaces one animal. I guess it is for 26 different species
Posted by Lucky Conquerer on 29 Mar 13 at 00:34
A Batwoman Thank you I was missing a seagull just went to the piers in Blackwater listened to the Seagull "Kaw".
Posted by A Batwoman on 30 May 13 at 22:51
Carlillo92 In Lake Don Julio they are ducks flying above it and on the side of the lake every time you pass. And the seagulls are easy to find on the piers. Very close to the coast or flying by the street on the side.
Posted by Carlillo92 on 31 May 13 at 18:51
THEpaynexkiller I've never shot a duck. They don't count.
Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 14 Aug 13 at 22:40
CoMaestro Just like THEpayneskiller, i also never shot a duck, so it indeed does not have to be shot.
Posted by CoMaestro on 19 Aug 13 at 18:58
stordoff On the other hand, the achievement didn't pop for me until I traveled to Lake Don Julio and shot a duck. It was the last animal I killed.
Posted by stordoff on 22 Oct 13 at 13:10
Hobotheclown92 I can confirm with 100% conviction that a duck DOES have to be shot and killed for the achievement. I went over the list discussed here multiple times (having killed everything EXCLUDING domesticated animals and I killed both types of bear just in case). I then started killing domesticated animals as I was going through the domesticated animals, ticking them off as I went, I started going after the duck. I made sure that it was not already in my list, I found one, killed it, the achievement popped and in my stats menu it says; 'ducks killed: 1'. In summation, all those people stating you don't need a duck, are either; lying, stupid or don't have the achievement.
Posted by Hobotheclown92 on 09 Dec 13 at 04:49
Bonus Eruptus Same here with the duck. For some reason, Owl disappeared from my stats, so that was next after a trip to Lake Don Julio. Popped a duck out of the air, achievement popped, and I'm done with my least favorite part of the game.
Posted by Bonus Eruptus on 28 Feb 14 at 00:08
CoMaestro I am guessing it depends on the situation whether or not you have to shoot a duck. The best is to be safe, and just shoot it anyway, safe it as the last one and you'll know if you need it. 'Cause I am absolutely certain that on my game I never shot a duck, but others seem to have needed it.
Posted by CoMaestro on 28 Feb 14 at 09:25
erikfred Hi, first I followed this guide, but did not get the achievement. Then, I shot one duck as the last animal, and the achievement unlocked. So I am absolutely sure that you need to shoot a duck. Red dead wiki also says you need it.
Posted by erikfred on 05 Mar 14 at 13:10
Muljo07 The achievement popped for me when I shot a Jackalope. Never shot a duck. So like Lucky Conquerer says, I believe you just have to kill 26 unique wild animals.
Posted by Muljo07 on 29 Mar 14 at 13:45
tajbender I can confirm, you have to shoot a duck, that was the last one i was missing. PLING - achievement unlocked.
Posted by tajbender on 28 May 14 at 08:40
CoMaestro Can people please stop commenting? Some people needed the duck, others didn't. Just safe it until you killed all others and if you didn't get the achievement yet, go shoot a duck.
Posted by CoMaestro on 29 May 14 at 08:23
Zaxean Wild Horse should also be added to the list. As has been mentioned already, it seems like you only need to kill 26 unique wild animals. My achievement popped when I killed a wild horse. This is different than a domesticated horse.
Posted by Zaxean on 10 Jun 14 at 04:41
KoRny Girl x Is this achievement unlocked in Free Roam?
Posted by KoRny Girl x on 14 Jul 14 at 18:54
Fleegus I've tried so hard to get this one, I think mine bugged because I've killed everything, in my stats it says I have to, I don't know what to do, I don't really want to start a new save.
Posted by Fleegus on 28 Jul 14 at 06:37
WhyattThrash After a bit of research: If you have the DLC, there's an additional wild animal called a Jackalope, which also counts for the achievement. Those who say that a duck isn't needed most likely have the DLC and killed a Jackalope instead. Still -1 until the solution is fixed.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 28 Aug 14 at 17:46
MantraPolo Updated, @Whyatt.
Posted by MantraPolo on 02 Sep 14 at 19:46
WhyattThrash Awesome, vote changed! If you want to explain what's going on it appears to be like this: You need to kill 26 unique wild species. There are 26 species in the base game, and the DLC adds the additional Jackalope for a total of 27 species. After you've killed any 26 the achievement will pop!
Posted by WhyattThrash on 02 Sep 14 at 20:42
MantraPolo I'll see about adjusting it again. Its been 4 years now (wow) since I've played this game! Time flies.
Posted by MantraPolo on 03 Sep 14 at 12:28
MangaPowerZero It can be unlocked via multiplayer, the only animal you will need some assistance to get is the buffalo, the rest of them can be found in multiplayer.
Posted by MangaPowerZero on 14 Aug 15 at 13:47
WestsideSxE didn't need a beaver either oddly, picked back up w/ BC and was only missing seagull and beaver, popped when I popped the bird...
Posted by WestsideSxE on 10 Jul 16 at 19:01
MantraPolo Congrats!
Posted by MantraPolo on 13 Sep 16 at 14:45
Zedarboy Popped as I killed a wild horse. I had not yet killed a Buffalo or Skunk according to my stats.
Posted by Zedarboy on 20 Feb 18 at 22:07
Jimbobjim123 Great guide. Just got this, you don’t need to kill a seagull!
Posted by Jimbobjim123 on 11 Jul 18 at 05:37
RagnarokSOTU Got it after killing wild-horse, the only animal I did not get on the list was Seagull.
Posted by RagnarokSOTU on 01 Nov 18 at 15:51
Chief0fZombies Can confirm that Wild Horse is needed. Killed every animal except domestic ones atleast 2 times and last one needed was Wild Horse found in Great Plains area.
Posted by Chief0fZombies on 07 Oct 19 at 04:09