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Half Way There

Clear mission 11 in Devil Hunter Mode.

Half Way There0
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Psycho Joe 1Psycho Joe 150,132
07 Jan 2009
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Rather self explanatory, pass mission 11 on Devil Hunter difficulty.

If you're having trouble with the boss for the level, the preferred strategy is to jump and slash away at his shield until it goes, then use your devil arm to grab onto and throw yourself towards him, and give him a smash so he's dazed on the floor. Now hit Devil Trigger, and press B (devil arm), and you'll deal a considerable amount of health.
Vermin360I like how this solution expands on an otherwise obvious description by including some strategy tips. Kudos!
Posted by Vermin360 on 07 Jan 09 at 20:29
Psycho Joe 1Thanks mate :D I see solutions that is basically a copy-and-paste of the descriptions too, so I thought it would be best to include a strategy :p
Posted by Psycho Joe 1 on 07 Jan 09 at 21:50
barider2085Does this unlock the pass mission 11 on Human Mode as well? Trying to pick my difficulty for first play through.
Posted by barider2085 on 15 Dec 09 at 18:46