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Son of Sun

Awarded for achieving Son of Sun rank in Gauntlet mode.

Son of Sun0
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
07 Jan 2009
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The description of this is not actually that clear in regards of what you need to do.

What is needed here is to achieve the Son of Sun rank on every single map in Gauntlet mode. You need to unlock all the maps, and then play each one in Gauntlet until you achieve the rank. Once you've done so on all of the ranks, then the achievement will unlock.
CinnyisThat's for clearing it up. I thought that's what it was saying, but the achievement description wasn't very clear.
Posted by Cinnyis on 01 Apr 09 at 14:28
Posted by HaloHore2000 on 08 Jun 09 at 17:58
LausDominiI believe the last map unlocks when you make it to the final level of Stage 9.
Posted by LausDomini on 21 Jul 09 at 15:36
EntropicOrderThere's 2 versions of Gauntlet mode, Practice and Survival. We got Sun of Son rank on everything including the Space and Random levels and still didn't earn this achievement. Is it Survival version of Gauntlet mode that needs to get Sun of Son? I really wish the achievement description was more clear.
Posted by EntropicOrder on 31 Jan 10 at 04:02
Rusty Nail zhYeah, I think it's the survival mode. Not practice....
Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 08 Feb 10 at 12:10
GhostSeraphIt is the survival mode. Interestingly enough the achievement unlocked before I finished the last map on son of sun. I had yet to complete Rorschach and it still unlocked.
Posted by GhostSeraph on 15 May 10 at 01:04
BiLLzuMaNaTido you have to beat the son of the sun on every level or just unlock it?
Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 03 Mar 11 at 22:41
napoearthWhat is considered achieving the rank of Son of Sun, is it getting to SS1 or do you have to do more than that?
Posted by napoearth on 05 Apr 11 at 00:26
CASS190684Every single map? Ugh I was thinking it meant you only had to do it on ONE map until I came here to double check! :( Wow in that case I can't believe the ratio for this is considerably lower than Sharpshooter! Would've thought more people would have that cheevo than this one.
Anyway thanks for the clarification! (And the disappointment of knowing I will never get this one now! Lol.) Oh well :(
Posted by CASS190684 on 31 Mar 12 at 02:12
Nit0rinAll? I give up then xD
Posted by Nit0rin on 05 Jan 13 at 00:59