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Partners In Crime

Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 1

Partners In Crime0
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VirusTk GaMBitVirusTk GaMBit823,952
16 Apr 2015
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This achievement can't be missed and will come from natural story progression.

To be honest there is no necessity for a guide on how to get this achievement. Since you cannot fail it. However there seem to be quite a few problems with the achievement unlocking system of this game and the Xbox one in general. So I thought it could be useful to have a little reminder when this achievement should unlock so you know that nothing glitched for you.

I will mention the actions you have to participate in right before you get your achievement below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Just in case you need further information about the situation described above you can refer to the video below (video credit goes to: VGFAQ)

Hope this helps :-)
Any improvements? Please let me know in the comments!
BinaryOniSomehow this achievement didn’t pop for me but I was able to make a copy of my save file and do a rewind to chapter 3 then it popped right when I started it.
Posted by BinaryOni on 15 Jul 19 at 14:50