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More than a Fistful

Earn $10,000 in Single Player.

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I played my single-player in fear of not having enough money for this achievement, hoarding my capital and not buying houses when it would have been easier.

#1: The $10k goal is cumulative. You need not have it all at once.
#2: It appears that you don't lose money when you die. (If you do, it was never noticeable for me. This isn't Borderlands.)
#3: All in all, this will most likely come naturally on your way to 100%. I wouldn't go out of your way to get this achievement first.

Tips for making money:
* Go on a treasure hunt. Search "RDR treasure" in YouTube, and finish the treasure challenge, selling the gold bars for at least $1.5k.
* Most bounties go for $200+, especially when returned alive.
* Skin everything you kill and sell it in a far away land. Horses and dogs aren't too great, but grizzly bears skins sold in Mexico works well. Cougars are okay. In the hunting ambient challenge, the final special hunts will bring in big bucks. [pun not intended]
* Gamble. Poker took too long for me, but the Liar's Dice game in Thieves Landing works well. Play with one man at the table, ante in the required $200 and win over and over for $200 bucks a shot.
* Loot everyone. Perhaps this isn't totally necessary, but it was probably my favorite part of this game. $5 here, $3 there, it adds up! (Also, buying the Rabbit's Foot will increase your looting returns by 20%.)
Stokie Stallionoo, oo, About looting, make sure you buy the lucky rabbits foot
(armadillo general store) only 25$ and it boosts loot by 20%? or 30% unsure!

turns it into, 6$! :D
Posted by Stokie Stallion on 31 May 10 at 03:46
It's 20% if I remember correctly and yes, good point!
Posted on 31 May 10 at 07:43
CEREAL KILLAH23Ya i thought this achievement was glitched at first because I only had $4000 at the time it popped!

I think the game counts all your purchases and the potential money you have in all your items.

I was only 1/2 way though the game when it popped for me, but I had been looting all the bodies like crazy.
Posted by CEREAL KILLAH23 on 22 Jun 10 at 17:01
JernauGurgeh SFThumbs up just for telling me I don't need to have 10k all at once! Now I can get back on with playing the game properly :)
Posted by JernauGurgeh SF on 03 Feb 12 at 18:05
CASS190684Very good of you to point out it's cumulative and not $10k in your pocket all at once! I've been reluctant to spend anything so this is great news that I can spend some cash now and not have to stress! Thanks! +1
Posted by CASS190684 on 18 Feb 12 at 22:56