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Around the World on 5 Trampolines

Visit 5 trampolines in one jump, bouncing on each trampoline once.

Around the World on 5 Trampolines+2.1
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16 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015
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This is attainable in Goat Ville. Having the Angel Goat + Double Jump mutators equipped will allow you to navigate more easily, so they are recommended. Make your way to the construction site, and next to the road you'll see some blue and red containers. Jump on top of those, and then jump on top of the roof of the construction site right next to them. You'll notice 4 total fans on this roof. Now your goal is to jump and ragdoll (cn_B) into the fans, then go for all 5 trampolines in one combo, without landing or using the same one twice.

1 - At top of the construction site
2 - Upper level of the swimming pool
3 - Lower level of the swimming pool
4 - On the grass near a blue house and red house
5 - On the lawn of the house you spawned near

You can activate slow motion by using cn_back, although momentum may be harder to gauge in slower time.
A Monkey Priest 1000 attempts later, I finally get it. I need a Valium. :(
Posted by A Monkey Priest on 17 Apr 15 at 13:50
PhillyCh3zSt3ak Aiming with the camera is your best friend. That's the only tip that I can give.
Posted by PhillyCh3zSt3ak on 18 Apr 15 at 01:14
Uggadunk Why do you have to ragdoll?
I tried using only Angel Goat (jumping from the crane) but no cheevo
Can't be a combo thing, because when the achievement popped (with ragdoll) I had no combo going.
Posted by Uggadunk on 18 Apr 15 at 09:26
Sketchy77 You don't need to ragdoll to get the achievement, I just did it with angel goat and double jump only.

The last trampoline I cut it SUPER close though.
Posted by Sketchy77 on 20 Apr 15 at 15:20
IzaacJ Don't know how many times I've done it now using double jump and Angel Goat, but no achievement yet -_-''
Posted by IzaacJ on 21 Apr 15 at 22:25
IzaacJ A note to everyone having issues with this, I did it 50+ times without ragdoll and it refused to unlock. Just unlocked it with ragdoll in 1st try. Use ragdoll, but don't use slo-mo cause it makes it hard as hell to control.
Posted by IzaacJ on 22 Apr 15 at 09:16
mightyirons Can you use the Angel Goat special
Posted by mightyirons on 22 Apr 15 at 09:53
Sketchy77 I did it with angel goat and double jump, no ragdoll and slow motion.

I started by launching myself on the air vents opposite the ones suggested by the video.
Posted by Sketchy77 on 22 Apr 15 at 16:13
PedrosGoro I did this with ragdoll on and robot goat, took me to attempts. Its 100% easier to control ragdoll with robot goat enabled.
Posted by PedrosGoro on 14 May 15 at 08:58
WKFJonesy use robot goat and ragdoll, first try
Posted by WKFJonesy on 22 May 15 at 19:07
Skanker irl Robot/ragdoll, way easier. +1 on solution though. Maka is the man.
Posted by Skanker irl on 10 Jul 15 at 18:01
The SCHWARTZ 00 THANK YOU to PedosGoro for suggesting the Robot Goat mutator, very very easy to do with that on. Got it on my second try after attempting it normally 50 times.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 12 Jul 15 at 07:38
Pinski Using Robot Goat is a must, did it first try. You need to add that to the solution.
Posted by Pinski on 19 Jul 15 at 04:27
Weasel Pizza robot goat FTW!!
Posted by Weasel Pizza on 20 Jul 15 at 15:06
DeGemaskerde One try with the robot goat on, and succeeded directly.
Posted by DeGemaskerde on 02 Aug 15 at 14:25
pixelpixel Thanks for the robot goat tip.
Posted by pixelpixel on 12 Aug 15 at 23:15
Lord Elohim I just wanted to add that I just unlocked it first try using slow motion and robot goat, and I bounced off the ground first before hitting the fifth trampoline, and it still unlocked.
Posted by Lord Elohim on 23 Aug 15 at 08:10
Famicorps Robot goat did the trick. Thanks everyone :D
Posted by Famicorps on 24 Aug 15 at 10:35
V3ntilator PedrosGoro: Thanks.

Third try with Robot + ragdoll. It makes the last on easy too. :)
Posted by V3ntilator on 03 Jun 16 at 00:27
oO Twanger Oo yep Robodoll all the way ^^clap
Posted by oO Twanger Oo on 03 Jun 16 at 09:34
HASANYBODYGOT I found it way easier doing it the other way around, using the vents near the 'Final' trampoline to get the height, then bouncing through them 'Backwards'.
Posted by HASANYBODYGOT on 03 Jun 16 at 17:08
Zordnil Got it using robot goat.
But i actually missed the last trampoline and bounced once on the ground before hitting it and the achievement still unlocked.
Posted by Zordnil on 04 Jun 16 at 10:54
Mogsy007 Robot Goat is a must as it makes it easier to control whilst in the air. This only unlocked when using ragdoll for me. I attempted it numerous times using angel goat without ragdolling and would not unlock.
Posted by Mogsy007 on 04 Jun 16 at 12:51
lucasphyxiate I should also mention that "going ragdoll" mid combo seems to negate the achievement. I kept doing it right before the final bounce and the cheevo never popped for me.
Posted by lucasphyxiate on 05 Jun 16 at 15:12
KieraaKahler I did angel goat, Robot goat and double jump as well as ragdolling right after jumping off onto the vents. It unlocked perfectly for me!!
Posted by KieraaKahler on 08 Jun 16 at 03:02
Iron Man TStark wow - i did robot and bounced off the ground on the last one, then onto the trampoline and it still popped
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 08 Jun 16 at 13:02
Rich swv1 Robot worked first time for me too!
Posted by Rich swv1 on 09 Jun 16 at 18:41
BigSilentRob Thanks for the Robot Goat tip. Got it on my third try after 4839374828 tries before.
Posted by BigSilentRob on 11 Jun 16 at 00:34
Shish Kaa Bobby Robot goat for the winner!!! So stupid this damn game but its so clever at the same time.
Posted by Shish Kaa Bobby on 12 Jun 16 at 23:33
l ROMANO l I'm stuck at done unlocking?! Wtf...
Posted by l ROMANO l on 25 Jun 16 at 23:26
JW DEUCE I did it first try with out using ragdoll. The angel goat mutator won't work in rag doll.
Posted by JW DEUCE on 25 Apr 17 at 02:14
napoearth I'll go ahead and add that I used angel and double-jump and ragdoll. I overshot the last trampoline and managed to get to the trampoline quickly and unlocked it first try.
Posted by napoearth on 04 May 17 at 14:44
J4CKA1 Any reason I have done this 10 times flawlessly and it hasn't popped?
Posted by J4CKA1 on 10 Jun 17 at 20:04
STRAWB3RY ANG3L Ragdoll makes a huge difference, makes the bounce much higher. I did it with ragdoll, double jump, and on slow motion on the last rampoline. I think he is correct with hitting each trampoline only once. That 5th trampoline is difficult to hit. Took only a few tries. Thanks for the help, Maka!
Posted by STRAWB3RY ANG3L on 21 Sep 17 at 17:12
Curtieson Add me to the list of people that missed the last one but bounced up onto it for the achievement. I believe that is a benefit to using ragdoll, the streak doesn't end until you break out of that.
Posted by Curtieson on 18 Dec 17 at 02:41
ubiquetous1138 Holy $H!+ !!! Robot Goat FTW !!! Tried a bajillion times with angel goat and no go. 2 attempts with robot goat.
Posted by ubiquetous1138 on 17 Mar 18 at 03:37
Michal TM one trick which will make it more easier.
The worst step in this achievement is to fall down directly to the trampoline.
So try this: if you are directly over the trampoline (even very high) just click down button on D-Pad (to open mutator list). After resume your goat will not soar anymore, but just fall down to the trampoline
Posted by Michal TM on 08 Jan 19 at 14:12
andreluigo How to get Robot Goat?
I'm trying get this achievement million times and didn't get it....
Posted by andreluigo on 17 Nov 19 at 21:38