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Brick Wall

Win a game without being scored on

Brick Wall0
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22 May 2010 12 Nov 2010
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Sorry, not difficult at all (EDIT: Where'd that guy's solution go??). Connect a second controller and have that one sit idle as your opponent. Play to 5 goals and leave power-ups ON. Spammingly smash the puck-handler, grab the puck, throw it at the net, score a goal, snatch a power-up, score again, drink a beer... whatever.

Achievement unlocked.
izret102Only thing i would add is turn the goals up. Then you can work on getting the powerup goal achievements.
Whenever someone on the other team gets the puck it will default them to the controller so you will never get scored on.
Posted by izret102 on 10 Dec 10 at 19:02
AccelerettoEspecially like the drink a beer bit.
Posted by Acceleretto on 12 Dec 10 at 13:16
xxKIRIYAMAxxglad i wasn't drinking a beer while reading this....laughed my ass off at the end...unexpectedly... well played sir.
Posted by xxKIRIYAMAxx on 14 Dec 10 at 10:00
XI AlphaMale IX=)
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 22 Apr 11 at 16:57
anthony4400how can u stop the second controller for moving the puck.?
Posted by anthony4400 on 01 Oct 11 at 05:02
XI AlphaMale IXI'm not clear on what you're asking, sorry...
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 03 Oct 11 at 21:06
litepinkI wish the walkthrough would have mentioned being able to use a second pad facepalm. Thanks for the tip.
Posted by litepink on 18 Dec 13 at 12:52