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Dodge This

Make sure the Hillbilly never drives again.

Dodge This0
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Text Solution:
Will do a step list for achieving this achievement:
• In GoatVille spawn, Cross the road
• It easier to get the achievement if you use the double jump and angel goat mutator. (To get the angel goat mutator, just do nothing for 5 minutes and it will give you achievement also.)
Goat SimulatorAngel GoatThe Angel Goat achievement in Goat Simulator worth 18 pointsDo no evil

• Locate a red house
• Locate the BBQ party
• Go up a hill just behind the party
• Locate a big boulder, if you have not done it yet. Headbutt the boulder down to BBQ party you will unlock bonus achievement:
Goat SimulatorBoulder of DeathThe Boulder of Death achievement in Goat Simulator worth 21 pointsHit the party with the Boulder of Death

• Now headbutt your way back to the spawn point
• Locate the field right beside the house
• There is a car driving in circle
• Headbutt the boulder on to the car the achievement is yours

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