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Beat The Team II: The Revenge

Beat 1 minute 18 seconds on Power Plant in Detonator.

Beat The Team II: The Revenge0
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22 May 2010 03 Aug 2012
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Like with the first Beat The Team achievement, although this video shows you how to get the achievement with the ELITE GT12, I would suggest doing the same route with the COBRETTI 530 GTS. I found getting the achievement much easier with the COBRETTI.

With the COBRETTI, do not worry about hitting the walls and do not really try to avoid it. Just make sure that you are bouncing off of them, not sliding against them, and always hitting them with the side of the car and you should not crash. You also do not need to let up on the gas in the beginning to avoid drifting.

All credit for the video goes to the wonderful people at Achievement Hunter.
Mr J1mWorked really well with Cobretti RS. 1:17.76s. Hadn't unlocked the GT12 and not willing to pay for it and definitely found it easier with this car than a couple of others I tried.
Posted by Mr J1m on 23 May 10 at 20:59
SpilnerThe elite car is terrible and best i got with the Cobretti is 1:19, i just dont see how im slow. These detonators make me hate the game
Posted by Spilner on 24 May 10 at 14:45
SpilnerI was trying the RS... the 530 GTS was far easier. Thanks
Posted by Spilner on 24 May 10 at 17:16
hatchywatchy530 worked for me, not tried the G12 as I haven't unlocked it yet. Best advice I can give is - Do not drift! Slow down to turn and power out of the corners.
Posted by hatchywatchy on 25 May 10 at 08:01
H4rdcorekillahTHE REVENGEEEE!!! kinda made me laugh haha
Posted by H4rdcorekillah on 11 Jun 10 at 19:24
Kinesis916Fantastic advice to use the 530GTS. I was struggling big time before I got in that.
Posted by Kinesis916 on 12 Jun 10 at 15:34
The Nollai just got this with the COBRETTI 530 GTS, i dont think i hit the breaks once. Just made sure i hit the sides and bounced off like advised in the solution. i tried for a while breaking round corners and avoiding drift but kept coming up a couple of seconds short. My advice slam in to the sides and when you need to
Posted by The Nolla on 19 Jun 10 at 22:42
virtualmaddenI just couldn't do it without the Elite. It became tremendously easier when I started taking the turns slower. The video actually provides a great template to use for your own run. I found as long as I hit the middle of the two hairpin turns in 40sec, it was going to be a good run. After about 20 tries, I stopped watching the time and shaved a good 3sec off my time.
Posted by virtualmadden on 27 Jun 10 at 04:19
xxxDarkRuleRxxxI did it with the HANZO FX350.
- Drift around (most) of the corners.
- Hammer the throttle after drifting to keep your speed.
- Try drifting around the corners as tight as possible.
I got it @ 1:17:91
Posted by xxxDarkRuleRxxx on 23 Jul 10 at 07:19
xxxDarkRuleRxxxI did it with the HANZO FX350.
- Drift around (most) of the corners.
- Hammer the throttle after drifting to keep your speed.
- Try drifting around the corners as tight as possible.
I got it @ 1:17:91
Posted by xxxDarkRuleRxxx on 23 Jul 10 at 07:23
KrakilinXI got, 1:17:31. Like what others said on the top, COB 350 GTS is the way to go!!! Gas all the way, no breaks at all. The secret is, during the turns, you rather hit the rail than drifting too long. Hitting the rail you maintain FULL SPEED. The ONLY part where I let out the gas for a little bit is near the end, the long straightaway right before turning right, and then a immediate left. I let out of the gas to enter into the right, then full gas all the way and bump all the rails.
Posted by KrakilinX on 24 Jul 10 at 06:18
TheRealPHEasy achievement if you know what to do! Took me only 10 tries to get to 144th in the world with a 1:16.78. The key is just like everyone said: Cobretti 350 GTS and never brake. Just watch your angle when you bump into the corners as you can crash pretty easily.
Posted by TheRealPH on 26 Jul 10 at 18:28
Tasty PastryJust got it. The real important part of this solution is the advice for the Cobretti. I watched the video and it contained nothing really that I couldn't figure out on my own. Thanks for the advice, probably took me about an hour of practice. I started off as lame as 1 minute 22, but after about every 5 races I'd get a slightly better time...I got to 1:18.37 and knew I could do it (I got 1:18:18 afterwards, and then completed it). I think the real part to master is the very beginning - unlike the video I didn't let off the gas. Go to the right, through the new aisle, but make sure not to be too far to the right at the end of the alley or you'll hit those fence pieces. Instead make it so you go just to the left of them, then immediately swerve right so that you can make the left turn as hard as you can. If you can pass just by the far left corner of that turn, you've got the rest of the race easy.
Posted by Tasty Pastry on 15 Feb 11 at 22:25
F L Y B 0 Y 9 1I considered myself an above average-ish racer, but I am amazed how difficult this achievement was. Great solution, excellent video and very useful comments.

To reaffirm what others have said, use the Cobretti 350 GTS and you should be ok. It's worth all the agony when you finally see that 25G pop-up!! :D
Posted by F L Y B 0 Y 9 1 on 18 May 11 at 14:09
jensy0008nice guide but i can't do it i keep coming in 2 seconds late. i don't know what happens i will try another day. though its a good guide ;)
Posted by jensy0008 on 27 Aug 11 at 10:21
HwotingCobretti 530 gts all the way, I even used some of the walls to get round the corners, great guide thanks
Posted by Hwoting on 28 Aug 11 at 20:14
PlanesWalker 97Thanks for the awesome tip, tried for almost 2 hours with barely any improvements, than I tried your car choice and 40 min later full achievements
Posted by PlanesWalker 97 on 20 Jan 12 at 04:34
AnxsighetyAwesome guide. didn't even need the video.

1:17.93 O.o
Posted by Anxsighety on 11 Apr 12 at 12:05
MagnumZeroThis video is a little better and it uses the Cobretti. Not mine though.
Posted by MagnumZero on 25 Dec 12 at 04:22
MattyJWest+1 for the Cobretti, I found it much easier to use than the GT12
Posted by MattyJWest on 26 Feb 13 at 01:57
ShinwashaOnly advice I can add that others didn't is keep trying. There was a point after the towers, that I actually got lifted off the track, and it made it so I couldn't make it.
Posted by Shinwasha on 29 Jun 13 at 00:12
xPut Name HerexSo my battery pack is a bit unstable in the controller (there's cracks at the bottom of where it inserts), so when I thought I got this (down to the wire), I raised my hand very quickly and sent the battery pack flying out. So I heard the bleep-boop at the right time, but it was the notification for "please reconnect controller" and not an achievement. I was freaking out until I finally saw my time on the screen: 1:17.99 shock
Posted by xPut Name Herex on 30 Jan 14 at 05:41
Luku38millionth time, got 1:18:03. millionth one time, got 1:17:96 :D
Posted by Luku38 on 10 Aug 14 at 14:57
koobz2142try 252, my cobretti got 1:18:44

The cobretti can probably get sub 1:17 but it's an extremely difficult car to use here.

If I wanted extreme difficulty, I'd use the Hanzo and get sub 1:09

I wanted the achievement. I used the Elite G12 and got 1:17:74 on the fifth try, with a major drift mistake at the falling pylons.
Posted by koobz2142 on 19 Jan 16 at 21:56
koobz2142I'm not kidding. It's 5pm and I've been playing all day. I really gave the cobretti a shot
Posted by koobz2142 on 19 Jan 16 at 21:57
Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me! Did it without bouncing at all 1.17.63 (about ten tries)
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 11 Feb 18 at 03:56
FinalBossBrstupid time challenges. i hate this
Posted by FinalBossBr on 13 Feb 18 at 05:37
RatpoizenOnly just got this game since it was free with GwG. You should always be drifting using the throttle and never using the brakes at all. Hammering the throttle after drifts keeps your speed up.
Posted by Ratpoizen on 27 Feb 18 at 18:11
ROBBERT DHT this one really helped me. Wall attacking for those who suck at the other methods like me.
Posted by ROBBERT DHT on 28 Feb 18 at 20:15
EldritchSSWhat worked for me was wall attacking without braking, except at the end after the wrecking ball. Then I was calm and slowed down around the turns as shown in magnums video. Really helped shave off those last two seconds I needed.
Posted by EldritchSS on 10 Mar 18 at 05:06
varkylfusCobretti 530 GTS 1:17.64

Now, just starting episode 11.
Posted by varkylfus on 18 Jun 18 at 21:52
FlattmeisterSeriously this achievement sucks sweaty ballsacks! I'm doing all the right moves as the video. And I'm still getting about 1:21:00
Posted by Flattmeister on 20 Jul 18 at 21:22
HingedMonsterSecond attempt. Thanks.
Posted by HingedMonster on 18 Sep 19 at 15:55
A Dreadful ShotGreat solution, holding down the gas and bouncing off the walls is the way to go. Managed 1:17:03 with the Cobretti.
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 06 Apr at 00:32