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Alan Wake

Alan Wake

Alan Wake
Drink 'Em Both Up

Put de lime in de coconut twice.

Drink 'Em Both Up0
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22 May 2010
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You can do this after you beat the game as well as during your regular playthrough. To get this you are going to need access to the Oh Dear Diner, so your opportunity for this is limited to episode 1 and then episode 5.

Episode 1 when you have to get the keys from Stucky, play the record on the jukebox for Odin and Tor (but make sure it plays there will be a button prompt).

And then in Episode 5 after you leave the Police Station with the sheriff you will head down Bright Falls main street at the end of the road the dinner will be on you left side. Just go back in and play the record again and the Cheevo will pop.