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Sucker born every minute

Pay for a worthless tour of the world's largest bullet

Sucker born every minute0
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Greggie SmallzzGreggie Smallzz119,262
23 May 2010
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From T-bone junction head north towards the Ridgeway. Travel along through the Ridgeway until you come to the Sunken Sea. Once there, take the offramp to the right and head straight toward the Worlds Largest Bullet. Once you reach the entrance to this tourist trap, head to the back of the area. There is a box on a wall to the right of a door with a $ sign on it, and arrows all around it. Its right near the area where you got the communication device in the "Code Breaker: Time is Bullets" mission. Head here with ~$8,000,000 and you will have enough to purchase a tour of the Worlds Largest Bullet.

If you want to keep the hard earned cash you just spent on a worthless tour, simply quit to the dashboard without saving:
-Press the glowing connect button on your controller
-Press 'Y' to quit to dashboard
-Select Yes from the prompt

Thanks to Batman5273 for giving me that hint! ;)
Eric FiltroYou can also make a copy of the saved file on another disc, and once you get the achievement, load the copy instead and you'll be loading the game before having spent the money.
Posted by Eric Filtro on 27 Jul 15 at 21:30